The Screaming Mimi’s

I had another boring busy day at work. I was a good girl (mostly) and always did my potty outside. I have started my plan on escaping the gate by diligently chewing the corner of it. Who needs a file when I have puppy teeth? When Mommy picked up the phone camera to prove my guilt, I looked innocent and ran to my bed.

Then the preacher lady came in. She talked and talked and it was soooo boring, I couldn’t stay awake.

Wake me when something fun happens.

On the home front, I am getting used to my play pen. At least that is what I want Mommy to think.

Oh, I almost forgot – at least I have tried hard to forget – I went somewhere new called The Vet after work. I was violated. OMD! How can someone do that to the back end of a puppy? Mommy said the people in the next county could hear me scream. I couldn’t tell you much after that, other than the Vet Lady said I was healthy and Mommy said, “No,” to needly things they wanted to stick in me.  I think she must have gotten mixed up and taken me to the Halloween Chamber of Horrors I heard someone talking about. Mommy and the Vet Lady also had a disagreement about my food, but nobody yelled or called each other bad names. I know Mommy won, ’cause I am still eating my chickie chick and dear deer.

Oh, and Mommy is trying to return that stupid car seat that I hate. It tried to kill me! Earlier this week I was screaming my fool head off expressing my displeasure at being stuck in it again when it tipped over backwards and I got caught under it and my harness got really tight around me. I was panting so hard to get my breath that Mommy looked back and saw the monster car seat attacking me! She pulled right off the road and drove the rest of the way to the dentist with me in my kennel.

Oh yes, the dentist office. Mommy called to see if she could bring me to stay in the front office with the workers while she disappeared into the back to have something done to her mouth. They said yes, and I would have to stay in my kennel. Guess what! I never saw the inside of my kennel while I was there. The ladies kept coming up from the back and holding me and passing me around. It was pretty nice. And no one violated my back end. Daddy went to the same dentist the next day and they all wanted to know why he didn’t bring me.

Yep, I’m that addictively adorable.

I am Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess


32 thoughts on “The Screaming Mimi’s

  1. What a busy bee you are. Glad to hear the attacker seat got expelled before it killed you. I get lots of yummiest from my vet. It helps to get over the not so nice part of the visit. Always keep your eyes on the prize aka yummies. Benji

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    1. I think Mommy’s favorite saying is “Xena can’t have that.” After that, it is, “What do you have? ” or “Where did you get that?” or “Give that to me” or “Where are you?”

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  2. I completely agree….you ARE addictively adorable!!!!!
    (oh and that monster seat has gotta go, attaching you????? Outrageous!!!!)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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  3. wow you have a super dentist… although it was still allowed to smoke in waiting rooms and hospitals a couple of years ago (imagine that!!!), pets were&are never allowed somewhere near torture chambers for humans…

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    1. I wasn’t allowed in the back where everyone were laying back in chairs with their mouths hanging open, BOL. My Mommy is bold and not afraid to ask, so Angel Lexi got to do those kind of things, too.

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  4. It was fun getting a glimpse of a day in the very busy life of Xena puppy! By the way you look especially comfy snuggled up with your stuffed bone. ~ love and cuddles Margret

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  5. Adorable Xena, it looks like you’re playing your trick ear game.
    You are a lucky little girl that you have a Mom that doesn’t back down to a Vet. She studies a lot and learns new ways to keep you healthy and strong. I’m happy that you are getting comfortable with your playpen. Just think in a few more weeks you’ll have your shiny bright adult teeth and won’t have the urge to chew things that will get you in trouble.
    eyelash kisses

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    1. Hi Grammy! My Mommy doesn’t back down to anyone…not even me. 😦 Her favorite thing to say tonight is “now what have you got?” Uhh, baby fishies that my big sis left in the yard from her supper. Mmmm. *squirt* *ooops*


  6. The carseat incident sounds terrifying. I think you are very smart to lay low in the playpen, X. Every day you will get bigger and stronger. Then you will hop out of there and never look back. Your mom will be so surprised!!

    Love and licks,

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  7. Oh my what a hectic and unfun day going to the vet. I would like to know what the vet said about the needles and what your mom said. I have to get these needles every year. If, there is a way out of it….I want to know. What did the vet say about your raw diet? Let me know….I’m interested.



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