Lookout, Here I Come, Rocktoberfest!

Sunday I went back to Rocktoberfest with Mommy and Daddy. I didn’t get stuck in the car torture seat this time because it is gone, gone forever! Take that bad puppy car seat! I did see some people I remember, especially the man named Tommy who plays something called an Alpine horn. It is about 87 times longer than me and makes pretty sounds.

This lady didn’t tell me her name, but I think she was in charge of the Polka Band. She wanted to take me home with her, but Mommy said, “No.”  Sometimes it is good when Mommy says, “No.”

A man with a funny hat on his head took our pictures with one of those pencils I am supposed to chew. I didn’t know someone could take my picture without a phone in their hand. Another dog named Maxwell came up to get his picture drawn and I growled at him to go away, ’cause I needed to concentrate my cuteness on the funny hat man. Maxwell didn’t listen, probably ’cause everyone was laughing at me him. Grrrr.

It is called a carrot sir and it sure does make me look silly!

The sun kept playing peek-a-boo with the clouds. Sometimes the dark clouds threatened to dump water on us, but they were just kidding. (That’s what Mommy told me.) It kept their temper down just enough so we weren’t too hot or too cold.  Do you see the sunglasses on Mommy’s head? The ones Andrew gave her 87 moons ago because he didn’t want them? The ones that have a name Ray Ban? Well, take a good look, ’cause it’s the last time you will ever see them. Daddy knocked them off her head while they were dancing and now they are Ray Ban garbage. At least I didn’t do it this time.

Another big day at Rocktoberfest is behind us. Lots of little people pet me, and so did lots of big people. Mommy got to practice saying, “What’s in your mouth?” and “Xena, stop it.” and “Give that to me.” (You will notice there are no sunglasses on her head anymore, either.) I got lose from the chair and joined my folks on the dance floor. And I heard a lot of people say, “Look, a schnauzer!” Yep, that’s me…

Xena, the Schnauzer Warrior Princess

20 thoughts on “Lookout, Here I Come, Rocktoberfest!

  1. How did mee miss this bloggie post?? Good greef! Ok mee iss here now an wee finkss yur Carrot-sir iss purrty cute! You an Lady Amy make a cute pair of gurlss.
    Soundss like you enjoyed Rocktoburrfest…..
    ~~head rubsss~~ Purrince Henry~~

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    1. Hey, I have an idea…just tell everyone you are schnauzers (folks get our breeds mixed up all the time anyhow) and maybe you could do fun things, too! ~Xena


  2. Oh I love that carrot-cature… please look for a super place in your house, that’s an artpiece!
    btw: I’m super glad your mom said no… to live in a polka band is not easy… the grampy of the mama did that and he had to drink lots of beer efurry day… that’s hard to bear so much beer…

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  3. So long as you didn’t do the Chicken Dance, I think it’s all ok. Once you start that, they might put you back into doggie prison. Sorry about the sunglasses. On the ‘bright’ side, they weren’t chewed up by a certain puppy, right? 😇

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