Dogs in Conversation

Lucy: Xena, you get all the attention.

Xena: I don’t know what you mean. You get fed.

Lucy: Yeah, but you get all the other attention. 

Xena: But I see our folks pet you and tell you that you’re a good girl.

Lucy: Uh huh. But I know that even then they are thinking about you.

Xena: I don’t know why.

Lucy: And she buys you new toys.

Xena: My giant ducky isn’t new. It came from a yard sale.

Lucy: *sigh* Exactly! Did you see me get anything from the yard sale?

Lucy: Now I’m the middle child. *sigh*

Love and wiggles, Lucy

26 thoughts on “Dogs in Conversation

  1. Bringing in a new puppy, with all the attention and energy they require, and trying to balance that with the needs of your older, more mature dog is difficult! You do almost feel like you’re choosing favorites… It took me a LONG time to feel like I had balanced it out – probably about the time Emma became an “older, more mature dog.” Ha!

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  2. Awww Lucy! It will get better I promise!! Xena is still a baby so she needs more attention because she gets into trouble if left alone! Your pawrents trust you and know you are a good girl so it may seem like you’re getting less love and affection but they love you just as much!

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  3. oh like that malcolm in the tv-show ;o) and the middle child has the best place I think… it has a sibling on both sides and it can learn from the older one and it can pass all the wisdom to the younger one… that’s like being teacher and student at the same time… pawsome!

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