Look Innocent!




Hey Lucy, do you think Daddy knows what we did today?










Xena! Shh. I haven’t heard Mom tell him that I ran off in the woods and took you with me. I think she’s still recovering from the fright. Just look innocent.











Is this innocent enough?





30 thoughts on “Look Innocent!

    • What is scary or maybe mind boggling to me is that Sophie doesn’t know her name. Maybe she just doesn’t like that name. Or is an expert at ignoring you… Happy Halloween.


  1. hello lucy and xena its dennis the vizsla dog hay do not wurry yore seekret is sayf with me!!! i wil totaly not tel ennybuddy that yoo ran off into the woods and skayrd yore mama!!! nope i wil not say wurd abowt yore ekskurzhun not wun sentense abowt it wil pass my lips!!! ok bye

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  2. Oh Xena,running through the woods without Mommy is one of your No No’s. You must always listen for your Mommy’s voice and come quickly when she calls. I’m very happy you remembered the way home and were waiting for her but you never want to scare her like that again. I’m sure when she picked you up her heart was beating so fast she could barely talk.
    Tell her that if she calls out “Cookieeeeeeesssssssssss” you’ll come out from your hiding places.

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    • Cookieeeeeeeeeeeeees! Yep, I remember that call. (I saw Mom look away and off Lucy went with me right behind her!) Oh, gotta go…my new Kong is waiting with pumpkin in it.


  3. EEEKKKK you did “Purrison Brake”?? Xena an Lucy??? Mee did that inn August an mee nevurr goin to do THAT again….mee reelly uppyset an scared LadyMum….mee still feelsss badlee about it.
    The most impawtent fing iss yur both home safe an sound gurlss.
    ~~head rubsss~~ an **purrsss** Dharth Henry~~

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  4. Sounds like you had quite the adventure girls. Next time it might be a good idea to plan one that doesn’t scare your mom. Yikes! ~ cuddles with a hug for mom, Mrs. Margret

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