Lucy Confesses

Hi. My name is Lucy and I am a runaway. It’s because I have a problem. Her name is Xena.

There, I have admitted it. That is the first step, right? You see, I never ran off from my home until Mommy brought home the cute puppy. Yep, that’s what everyone calls her. Oh, what a cute puppy. Do you have any idea how much I want to stop up my ears every time I hear that? She has ruined my life. I never get time with my Mom and Dad. Well…almost never.

One day not long ago Andrew took me and Riley outside to play. The first thing I did when Andrew looked away was to run off through the woods with Riley, and let Riley take the fall for it. It was easy to get him blamed for corrupting me. After all, I had never run off before.

Sure, they let me sleep in the bed with them now, but I know it’s just because they feel guilty about letting the cute puppy sleep there. They don’t have me fooled.

I was cold, so Mom covered me up and I slept with my head on her pillow.

But the brat the cute puppy got her spot on the bed too!

I just get so sick of Xena taking all my stuff. And she never gets in trouble for it, either.

                             Xena has ALL the bones.

Mom was with us the next time that we were all in the back yard, outside the fence. I saw her look down at her phone and I took my chance. Riley had just gotten a lecture about not running off, and he told me he was staying put. So I took off into the woods behind the house by myself and Xena followed me. I didn’t really mean to take her. I didn’t want her around me at all. So I sent her back and she was waiting by the fence when Mom came running from scouring the front yard and the woods looking for us. I waited just a bit to see if Mom even cared that I was still gone. When I saw her running around asking everybody if they had seen me, I decided to come back home too.

Yesterday I saw a rabbit and sped off after it. Is it my fault that Riley followed me? Andrew came running after us, but we just kept going. After running and running, we wandered into the yard of a nice family with little kids, and we had a great time playing with them. I had managed to shed my collar with all ID, but Riley still had his on. Two hours later, while Mom was at work, she got a call from the mail lady saying she had seen us in a neighborhood on the other side of a very busy two lane highway. Mom left right away and had gotten as far as our subdivision when she got a call from the man whose house we were at. I wouldn’t go to her. I figured I was in trouble and this would be a nice family to stay with. I mean, why does she need me anymore, anyhow? She has the cute puppy now. Right? Well, she got me into the truck and I jumped back out. The nice man helped Mom by lifting me back into the truck, then lifting in Riley. Then he had to take the cute puppy off of Mom’s back – yes, really, the little thing is like a monkey – before Mom could stand up.

I think the next step is to believe that a power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity. I sure hope so. In the meantime, I am grounded. No more off-leash time outside of the fence or house. Oh, and did I already mention that yesterday I lost my pretty red collar with my rabies and name tags? *sigh*

Love with no wiggles,  Lucy

29 thoughts on “Lucy Confesses

  1. This post is so sad 😦 I know how you feel Lucy. New siblings are such drags. They steal all your toys, ruin them, and get all the lovings that you’re supposed to get. We have to remember one thing: our parents love us SO much and they will always have enough love for everyone. *ear licks* Noodle

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  2. Awww Lucy….I wish you could run away and come here!!! You and me can play together and run off into the woods for adventure and leave my fursister behind. I totally know what you’re going through. No matter what though, just know your mom still loves you just as much. I know it’s hard to believe but trust me, she really does! I’ll always be on Team Lucy! ❤

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  3. Having a “little sister” is a big adjustment but you will see how much you can teach her and guide her…and have fun with her…she will look up to you to show her “the ropes”. One morning you will wake up and see how lucky you are…really!

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  4. Oh Lucy, Ms. Zulu didn’t care for me at first either. But now we are best friends. She is always excited to see me when I get back from an outing she couldn’t go on. Patience is key. Your fur-iend Benji.

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  5. Your Mom and Dad just want you safe – remember Xena is little and despite her big strong name this home is new to her and probably a little scary after being with her doggie Mom, so your Mom and Dad will spend extra time with her until she’s bigger and less scared. They did that for you when you were first brought home. They love you just as much.

    Hugs and Wags
    Abby Lab

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    • Oh cwap. I never thought about that. Now I feel bad. But not too bad. I still wanna be on the big bed between Mom and Dad. (I never used to be allowed up there!) ~Lucy


  6. Awww, poor Lucy. We’re so sorry you’re feeling a tad neglected. Getting used to little sisters can be difficult sometimes. Hopefully as she grows up, it’ll be easier for you and you’ll get all the attention a beauty like you deserves. Hugs and ear scratches sweet girl. 😘


  7. Lucy you need to talk to Ella about your misadventures. She even had to wear a special collar for hers. It’s not nice to do that to your mommy and daddy. They love you very much!


  8. Deerest Lucy mee iss sorry you felt thee need to run off…mee been there an dun that an mee nevurr been thee same again….
    Mee betss yur purrty red collar an tag iss sumwhere inn thee forest. Maybee a bunny will find them an wear them fur sum ‘bling’, mew mew mew….
    Mee finkss yur just as ‘cute’ as Xena…..inn fact cuter!
    You have to find yur ‘inner Lucy’ an believe inn yurself. Mee iss here fur you mee furend!
    Mee iss reeleived thee nice man tooked care of you an Riley an that Lady Amy iss all rite. Shee LUVSS all of youss’ BERRY much an you scared her to peecess mee bettss (like mee did back inn August with LadyMum).
    Ree-peet after mee: “Mee will nevurr run away again; mee will nevurr run away again….”
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Dharth Henry~~~


  9. Lucy, I understand how you feel I really do. We were doing just fine until they brought the bouncy one home. But as time went on things got better and we all got used to the new normal. It’ll happen for you guys too, just give it some time.
    Oh and that running away thing, there is no adventure that’s worth making your mom and dad scared and sad. ~nose nudges Belle Pup

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  10. Awww! Poor Lucy! I hope she realizes she’s a beautiful dog inside and out, that Xena is just a pup, if a very cute one! She’s get over being a puppy and learn to respect Lucy’s wisdom and bones! (Give Lucy some nice “scritches” from the kitty boys and me. The kitty boys tell me those “scritches” go a long way to reduce tension. Speaking of tension, give Lucy a neck and shoulders massage for us, too!)

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