Things That Were, Are, and Will Be

Lucy with purple tiger
I think all our toys are deaded.

Lucy: Hey Xena, Mom said if we were good dogs, we might each get a new Bully Horn for Christmas! And some new used stuffies, too!

Bully Water Buffalo Horn

Xena: Yay! I want a bully horn! And new stuffies! Wait, what’s Christmas?

Lucy: This will be my first Christmas with Mom and Dad, too. I hear that Christmas is a magical time of the year when all your wishes come true. And some believe that if you listen closely, you can hear the animals talk.

Xena: But we talk all the time!

Lucy: I know that, but some people don’t hear us. Maybe it is Christmas Eve when they realize that we are as real as them, with feelings and thoughts and need the same kind of love and care as them.

Xena: Hmm. I will have to think about that after lunch. Hey Lucy, did I tell you what a fun time I had at Rocktoberfest with Mom and Dad? I wish you could have been there.

Amy-Xena Rocktoberfest 2017

Lucy: Maybe next year I won’t be so afraid of things and can go, too. I know it helped you get over some of your fears.

Xena: I’m not afraid. I’m a Warrior Princess! And I can eat chickie feet with the best of them! For some strange reason, Mommy took this picture for Halloween, but she didn’t get it on our blog.

Xena eating chicken foot

Lucy: Yes, pretty scary. *grin* Say, I heard you are going to Angel Lexi’s vet today. Mom is taking you to Dr. Karen to get a leap tow shot.

dog in doorway at vet

Xena: Yep, and I won’t be afraid, either. She’s something called whole is tick. I hope I don’t get any ticks from her.  I can already leap, but I have never had to tow anything. I heard Mommy talking to Dr. Karen on the phone,  and she and Mommy see things the same way and won’t argue. Mommy will protect me and say, “No,” if they try to put that glass stick up my bee hind again.

Lucy: Do you realize that none of that made any sense?

Xena: Pthhh.

I am Xena, the senselessly brave Schnauzer Warrior Princess




27 thoughts on “Things That Were, Are, and Will Be

  1. Xena this Katmass iss a holyday of good treetss an toyss an LUV ann good will….iss wunderfull…
    Wee wishes it wood last thee hole year thru’….
    A yur seein a hole-iss-tick Vet?? Berry kewl…trust mee, NO tickss anywhere neer a Vet like that!!! Just good meddysin an treetmint!
    ***nose rubsss*** Purrince Henry xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It takes a ton of stress out of my life, not always having to fight a “Western Medicine” vet for what I believe is best for my baby, instead of what the drug and dog food companies profit by. ~Amy (Hope you find one soon.)


  2. Good luck at the vet Xena! I just went to the vet yesterday!! It was kind of scary but all the people there were really nice and eventually I took treats from them. I’m excited about this Christmas thing you guys are talking about. Mia hasn’t told me anything about it. Have a great weekend you two! ~Nymeria

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