30 thoughts on “The Avenging Warrior Princess

  1. Oh no!!!!!! That’s terrible Xena!! I’m on your side. Mia always bullies me into giving her my yak chews and my favorite squirrel toy. At least she doesn’t destroy them but she always tries to take them when I’m not chewing/playing with them ~Nymeria

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      1. No, no, my big sister Lucy loves me and plays with me all the time. It’s her boyfriend, Riley, who doesn’t want me around! And sometimes he gets her to be a meanie like this. It’s all his fault!!


  2. WTD??! Gurl, I don’t thinks they know who they are dealin’ with!!! That is just not right on so many levels! I thinks this deserves a special kind of revenge. I have confidence that you can teach those big doggies not to mess with your stuff again! Go get em’!
    Ruby ♥

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    1. Oh, I have been! But my teeth are smaller and it takes me a very long time. I have also decided to treat Riley like he no longer exists. That will teach him! ~Xena


  3. That’s a good girl. Don’t do anything without thinking it out carefully. Always count to 10 then walk away like nothing it bothering you………That will start to make them crazy.

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    1. Oh I did better than that, Grammy. I ripped out Raccoon’s last eyeball and told Riley he (Riley) no longer exists to me. I have ignored him (Riley) ever since!


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