Grooming News

Over the last month or so, Mom has only had a couple of new dogs come to be groomed. I’m glad I didn’t take grooming up as my profession. I would starve to death trying to make enough for my food. Anyhoo, the first new pup is a cocker spaniel. His name is Luke and even though he is almost a year old, this was his first time on the grooming table. Mom thought he would be a “wild child” but he acted like he was used to it. His mama said it is because he has three little children and a baby at home, and he’s used to anything!  Mom got lots of kissies during this groom.

Here Luke is after his groom. Can you see the funky little mohawk on the top of his head? His mama asked for that, he, he. Luke has had his doggy treat and is waiting for his Mom to come up the driveway.

This is 11-year-old Roxie, a shihtzu-poodle mix. She hasn’t been groomed for a year because her Mom doesn’t get her vaccinations any more, and most groomers won’t take her. Mom said she agrees with Roxie’s Mom’s decision, and that Roxie won’t be around any other dogs while she is here, so bring her on!

This was an unusual groom because her grandma brought her and said to groom Roxie however Mom wanted, to just have fun with it. Of course, the left side is “before.” Roxie is a very sweet girl (but not sweeter than me). Her grandma texted Mom later to say that Roxie’s mom loved the groom and would be bringing her back next time.

My peeps brother Andrew kept using Mom’s grooming towels, so Mom put a sign on them.

Peyton and Slider were here getting groomed, and Peyton hopped up to where you see her. Mom couldn’t figure out if she was being defiant (of the sign) or guarding the towels or just getting comfy. What do you think?

Until next time…

Love and Wiggles, Lucy the (still) Double-Grounded

20 thoughts on “Grooming News

    1. *singing* I’m going away with my Da-a-a-d. He talked about lifting the grounding and letting me run off leash while we are gone. 🙂 Mom offered a longer leash but (shhh) she forgot to bring it to work to give him!

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  1. Hahaha! So true about towels. Mommy just put new towels in the kitchen with post-it notes stapled to them. One says “For Hands Only” and the other (a not so new towel) says “OK to wipe counters dry after you wash them with washcloth or sponge”. Do you think it will work? She is tired of finding brand new towels in the garbage or in a stinky bucket and they are ruined. Your mommy has a fun job grooming dogs. She made them very pretty!
    Luv, Patzy

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    1. Boy, I feel your Mom’s angst. I see my hubby wiping down the kitchen counters with the drying towel and just have to say to myself, “At least he is trying.” And Andrew, we aren’t even going to talk about him and my towels. And thanks for the compliment!

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    1. Actually, the newest studies out show most dogs don’t need revaccinated after their puppy shots are done. Titers can be done instead to show they are still protected. Makes sense…do you get revaccinated every year since your childhood vaccines were finished?


  2. Everyone should have a “towel keeper eye on”. You never know when those pesky towels are going to start heading for the ceiling. Good Job Peyton! ~ rumbly purrs Linus Kitty

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    1. I hear there are magic carpets in Blogville. If you got one, you could fly over the pond and we could play after Mommy groomed you, Princess Leah! ~Xena


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