Piper’s 14th Birthday

Today, January 10, 2018, my nephew Piper turned 14 years old. Diabetes, congestive heart failure, and all, he has a strong will to keep on keeping on, and we are so glad for that. Here are some memories of his time with us.

This is his head shot from a photo shoot he was in with his Mama and his brother Milo, who is now, sadly, waiting at the rainbow bridge. It was taken almost eight years ago, and is my favorite picture of Piper. He’s such a handsome boy.

This next one also has to be one of my favorites. Piper is the skunk closest to the camera. I only know this for sure because Lexi never moved or lifted her head during the whole time they were forced to wear the humiliating costumes.

I like this one of Piper in the doggie toy store because he looks like a Scottie. It was just the camera angle, but it makes me laugh. Folks always get Schnauzers and Scotties mixed up when they don’t know much about either breed.  You’ll notice he’s a frugal boy, checking out the clearance section. Or maybe he just thinks he’ll get more that way.

The next two are from 2015, a year before Lexi left us. Isn’t it funny that Piper is on our left of Lexi in most of their pictures. Maybe she thought of him as her “right hand man.” 

Piper joined everyone in Blogville to honor her on Eat a Treat for Lexi day.

Prior to the last move to the Nashville area in 2017, Piper had started going deaf, and his eyesight was failing. I think he was wishing everyone would get unpacked and settled in. And maybe that I would give him some of what I was eating…

Piper, you are for sure our Super Dog today. Happy Birthday, sweet, precious, huggy boy. Your Aunt Amy sends tons of love your way.

25 thoughts on “Piper’s 14th Birthday

    1. Thank you, Dhartha. It was a sad day around the globe when our Lexi left. No one expected her to leave us before Piper, with all his health problems.


  1. Oh Auntie Amy how we love you! You have helped Piper to make it this far! You’ve also helped his momma to not have a nervous breakdown! We love you!!

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  2. Piper, you are one fine looking dude! Happy Birthday to one of the best dogs around. We hope you keep going for a long time. Obviously you provide as much love as you get. You have a wonderful home. However, please tell your mom not to make you wear the skunk costume again. MOL!!!
    Stereo purrs………Hemingway and Steinbeck

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