Friday Food for Thought …

…and health.

This chart comes from a full article in dogsnaturallymagazine. I try to feed as many of these different foods as possible. For us, palm fruit oil translates into coconut oil. I buy it in the biggest container I can find from Amazon.

I also avoid corn and other grains and starches in my dogs’ diet. And while feeding fish is great, the smaller the fish, the less mercury poisoning.

I recently learned that fish in dog food is not protected by the national ban on a particular preservative used in dog and cat food . This cancer-causing preservative is added right on the boat to fish destined for pet consumption.

Finally, I just found out that even my “natural, sugar-free, nothing but peanuts” peanut butter is not a good thing to feed. *sigh* Go ahead, read the article. *sigh*

So no more PB for me or Lucy or Xena. Guess I’ll check out cashew butter and almond butter. The hubby eats those because of a peanut allergy. And yes, the dogs eat healthier than I do, but I am going to try to make small changes in my diet, too. I’ve already dropped sugar (again) and have almost dropped dairy (again). There are those few pieces of leftover pizza in the fridge calling my name. I feel the physical affects of both these food types, so it’s not so hard to justify banning them from my life. Maybe I should make a policy of “if it doesn’t go in my dogs’ bowl, it doesn’t go onto my plate,” the difference being that my meat will be cooked.

So, no New Year’s Resolutions in this household…just some thoughtful changes that may be coming my way.

Wishing everyone good health and long life, Amy

28 thoughts on “Friday Food for Thought …

  1. My dogs love freeze-dried minnows as a treat (found in the cat section of the store…shhhh) so it’s good to they will have less mercury, etc. I’ll have to check on the preservatives though. And no peanut butter? Argh… My dogs and I are both crying now.

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    1. You can row down my river of tears about the PB. Minnows…never thought of those! I often get frozen “noting but” sardines at a local Asian market, and sometimes 99 cent cans packed in water from the grocery.

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  2. We get eggs almost everyday and we have been getting some broccoli too. Mom gave up sugar and some dairy and grains for a few months and lost 20 lbs. She hasn’t gained any back but has let some sugar sneak back in her diet. It is hard to be good all the time
    Hazel & Mabel

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    1. Same thing happened to me when I gave up all sugar (except Stevia, which does not produce the glycemic response) and then all dairy but goat. Then I fell off the wagon or out of the boat or something over the holidays! Back on track, though. Thumbs up on the eggs…nature’s perfect food.


    1. Sure. I know you two kitties are not fans of “people food.” But I have thought about you when I read more about and use oregano oil. Great stuff!


  3. What a great post, you see I LUFFS my veggies and fruit and fishes (sorry I might have started drooling a little) and now Mum is feeling even better about adding them to my bowl
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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  4. Just when people are becoming health conscience for 2018, Mom is planning to start drinking wine this year. Go figure. I’m looking forward to some blueberries, now that she has read this. I usually chew them and spit them out on the rug. It’s fun!

    Love and licks,

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    1. Oh, C., I hope you get the good nutrition from chewing them, at least. Have you tried any other berries, to see if you like them better? Xena loves bananas, too (Lexi hated them) and, well, pretty much everything!


    2. And I also meant to mention that it is again in the news that a glass of red wine a day (for your Mom, Cupcake, not for you) is very healthy.


    1. That makes me feel so good that I can be an inspiration to someone. I just finished my grilled pimento (goat) cheese using Healthy Choice spread, with a large glass of filtered water. 🙂

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