Lucy’s Special Day

Hi friends, this is Lucy. First, a big thank you to everyone who wished me a good birthday and Gotcha Day. Your wishes worked! We all went to the Smart Pet Store and I got petted by lots of people. One of the workers knelt down to adjust my harness and I gave her lots of sloppy kisses on her mouth. When we got home, Mom put my new collar on me and gave me my cow ear. I never had one before, but I can tell you this: no way was I sharing this yummy goodness with Xena!

Mommy got me two cow ears, yes, two, just for me. She put one away “for later.”  Can you see my pretty new collar? The brown background matches my furs and the dots are bright and cheery, just like me. Mom put extra deer meat in my bowl at supper, and my tummy was full and happy when I went to bed to sleep between my Mom and Dad.

Xena wanted to show everyone her new jammies that our Mom made. My nose is in the picture, so I said it was ok.

Mom told Xena to “say cheese,” and Xena said she never gets any cheese.

Xena has some more news that I told her will have to wait until it’s her turn to write a blog. It’s a sunny 40 degrees (4 C) outside and I am going out to play in the yard now. I think I will roll Xena in the dirt and leaves – she likes that!

Love and Wiggles, Lucy ❤

37 thoughts on “Lucy’s Special Day

  1. OMD! I missed the news abouts your Gotcha Day! (though, Ma had forgotten to add you to her bloggie list, so she has been missing all your posties! sigh) HAPPY HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!! wowsa, that is one HUGE ear! I wish we had some of those big ones here….I’ll tell Ma to keep an eye out. I do loves Xena’s pjs! Very cute! And very nice of you to lets her share your postie!
    Ruby ♥

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    1. Hi Ruby! I am glad your Mom remembered to bring you by to say hi. Let her know that the Smart Pet place has lots of those great big ears for sale. Mom calls it Petsmart. Isn’t she funny? ❤ Lucy


  2. What a wonderful day you had! Your new collar is very pretty.
    Cow’s ears, a yummy supper and snuggling with your mom and dad, all very special things for a much loved pup. Tell Xena her pjs are cute and I can’t wait to hear what she has to tell us. ~ cuddles, Margret

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    1. The thing is, Xena isn’t usually that good. They steal things back and forth from each other all the time. Don’t know why she left Lucy alone this time, just glad she did.


    1. At least it isn’t 2F like we had in Ill in Noise at Christmas. We had fun playing outside today without wearing any sweaters. (I always pull them off of Xena when we are outside, anyhow, and Mom has to go out and find them.) ~Lucy

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  3. Happy Gotcha day and Happy Birthday Lucy!! That cow ear looks DELICIOUS!! I’ve never had one before! I must get my humom to get some. We’ve only had cow tails and they’re really tasty! But our humom thinks it stinks too much so we don’t get it very often.

    Your new collar looks great on you! I love the bright dots!

    I BOL’D at your nose photobomb photo!

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  4. Lookin good there Lucy!!! Yur collar iss pawtastick! An 2 cow ear treetss? Pawsum!
    Mee not sure if mee made it to yur bloggie yesterday so mee sayss “Meowny happy ree-ternss to you deerest Lucy gurl.”
    An Xena gurl those Pee jays are DA BOMM!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Dharth Henry~~~

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    1. Hi Siddhartha Henry. Thanks for the happy ree-ternss, but I hope no one tries to ree-turnss my pressies! Xena says her jammies are not bombs. (I don’t think she knows what that means.)


  5. Hari OM
    darling Lucy, your collar is pawfect and what treats of foodables you got!!! …and Xena, your mama is going to be getting orders, so skilful is she at making pyjamas. I want some!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

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  6. Happy belated birthday Lucy I’m sorry I missed your special day. Those cow ears look as big as Xena!!!!!!!! It’s a lovely day outside today enjoy your romp in the leaves and twigs and dirt,
    Xena you look very special in your new jammies……..

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  7. Woohoo, looks like you had the most wonderful celebrations Lucy
    Your new collar suits you pawfectly and I LUFFS cow ears as well…only they are not so good fur my tummy so they are in the ‘not fur this Princess’ range *sigh*
    Your new PJs look so comfy and snuggly Xena, Mom is really clever making those wiv her own paws.
    Have funs in the garden you two
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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    1. That’s too bad you cant have cow ears, Princess Leah. Xena said her new jammies are warm and soft and comfy. Mom tried to find me new clothes at the store yesterday, but there was nothing my size. ~Lucy


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