Life’s Short, Bite Hard

One of my blogging friends told me I did the right thing putting my stink on my new bed. Once my stink is on it, it is mine! With that in mind, I decided to get as much of my stink on the bed of He-Who-No-Longer-Exists as I could. Besides, he’s been gone about 87 days and I think by law he has forfeited his right to this bed. Maybe Frankie or Ernie could tell me for sure.

Mommy found Angel Lexi’s other shirt – she only had two shirts and a hoodie because of how much she hated clothes – and tried it on me. It’s the tiniest bit too big, but I have been wearing it anyhow. Maybe I will get more inspiration from Angel Lexi that way – or maybe she is just laughing at me! Can you read it? It says Life Is Short Bite Hard. BOL!

I am biting hard on this bone, for sure!

Hi Daddy! Don’t worry, I won’t bite you.

Lucy: Dad! Don’t let Xena bite me any more! My face already hurts from her teeth.

I am just going to hide out here in the bedroom until that shirt comes off Xena.


I think I will log some more hours in MY bed. Catch ya’ll later. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

32 thoughts on “Life’s Short, Bite Hard

    1. Hi Xena! You even spell your name the same way. I asked Mommy to help me visit later when she has more time. 🙂 ~Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess (Pee S that is really my registered name with something called the A.K.C.)


  1. hello xena its dennis the vizsla dog hay gud job gitting yore stink on the bed and klayming it as yores!!! i no that is how it wurks i am not shoor abowt the abandund bed rool tho that is a gud kwestchun for owr dachshund atturnee frends!!! that is gud advice on yore shirt my dada sez if i had an advice shirt it shud tel me frankie say relax i do not no hoo frankie is or why he gits a plural nown but hoo nos english is a verry weerd langwidj if yoo ask me!!! ok bye

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  2. Xena, biting is only for hoofs, or pizzle sticks or bones.It’s not for anything that is soft like a toy or people or other dogs, or cats. Biting hurts anything with skin………..well, maybe if you caught a squirrel a good bite on the butt would be OK then.
    Lexi’s shirt is great……Remember you have very big paws to fill there so you have to be very sweet and gentle. Why don’t you work on your sweetness with poor Lucy. She’s going to miss her stick playing buddy and needs you to be very very nice to her now.
    Be as sweet as you are cute.

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    1. Hi Purrince Henry! That is the dog that everyone else calls Riley. But he ignores me and doesn’t like me and growls if I get too close when he is eating. So now he is He-Who-No-Longer-Exists (to me).


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