Lucy’s First Valentine

Just when I was feeling really low ’cause of my (ex)boyfriend skipping out on me, a very handsome kittie with a heart as big as Texas (or Canada) put a smile on my face and wag in my tail. Purrince Siddhartha Henry sent me my first ever Valentine’s Day Card.

Yes! I will be your Valentine, Siddhartha Henry. (I think that will make me your Purrincess for the day.)

With love always,


29 thoughts on “Lucy’s First Valentine

  1. Nice going, Lucy. I had wanted to send you a Valentine but Elsa’s seizure put the kibosh on the necessary assistance from mom. Perhaps I can send you one late if mom gets caught up. I’ll pester her to help out my love life.
    Happy Valentine’s Day you gorgeous girl 💕
    Your fur-iend,

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  2. Lucy, you are soooooo special. You’ve made everyone smile and that’s a hard thing to do. Have a wonderful Valentines Day.(((((((HUGS))))))))))

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