About Ludwig’s Visit

You know, Mommy, I like being with you.I don’t know what brought that on, Xena, but I like you being with me, too.

Sometimes, though, it gets a little boring.I know, but you just can’t stay by yourself with Ludwig while I am up in the balcony downloading Sunday’s audio.

Oh, no, I don’t want to. I think he wanted to take my temperature, and you know how I hate that. And why does he talk so funny?

He’s German, and he just moved here and…and what do you mean he wants to take your temperature!?I don’t know, Mommy. Hey, what’s that on the floor? I think I’ll go check it out.

How about if you just stay put; I’m almost done. Then we may have to go have a little talk with Mr. Ludwig.

I’m never going to date a German!

I understand that bad experiences can make us feel like that. But there’s something you should know.  *sigh* That’s exactly what I said to your Dad when we were dating. Do you know what he answered me?

No, Mommy, tell me! Did he say they are bad and you should never, ever date a German?

No, baby girl. He said he’s half German. *sigh*Oh! I’m glad you dated Daddy. Maybe Ludwig isn’t so bad. Let’s go talk to him.

To be continued…

21 thoughts on “About Ludwig’s Visit

  1. Xena, Ludwig is a bit strange looking with his rag mop Beard and Eyebrows while yours are soft and silky and he does sound a bit guttural ( that’s called an accent, you have a southern accent……sweet and lyrical) Everyone doesn’t have a cuteness face like you do, You need to know everyone is different and some things are better looking than others and more talented than others, but it’s pieces of everyone around you that makes up your heart I know, think of him as Ludwig van Beethoven he’s very talented and very musical and he’s humming softly to you The Moonlight Sonata and all the tension and worry just seem to float away and the sound he makes quietly puts you to sleep and you have sweet dreams.

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    1. Hi Grammy! Mommy says my accent is sharp and piercing. Hmm. Yes, I am beginning to see that Ludwig being different isn’t bad, just different. As long as he doesn’t try to take my temperature again!


  2. Hari Om
    Parents are good at sorting things out with over keen lads, Xena – and if Ludwig is truly keen on you, this will just be a little hiccup in his ‘getting to know you’… and you getting to know him! Ground rules, that’s all that’s needed. Parents are good at ground rules. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

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    1. Mommy says there’s going to be ground rules, water rules and air rules, as well as a trip to the vet for a certain randy gentleman. This oughta be fun! ~Xena

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