Dog Chew Recalls

After having gone through two recalls when I was feeding Blue Buffalo, I know it is important to get the info as soon as possible. The first recall was in 2010 and caused by a mix-up of the ferret vitamin K formula with the dog formula. It killed several dogs across the country. At the time, I housed our own Lexi and Riley plus my friend’s two schnauzers – Piper and Milo – and my husband’s two dogs, Lily and Ivy, who lived with us every other week. It caused them all to have uncontrollable urination. We had just moved and planned to have the carpet replaced with hardwood in a couple of years, after we had recovered from the cost of the move. Ended up we were unable to wait, which is why you see the wood floors throughout the house in pictures I post. I was very thankful that they all recovered from that without any lasting effects. I kept feeding Blue Buffalo, reasoning that the safest restaurant to go to was one who had just failed their health inspection, since they were the most conscious of scrutiny and doing things correctly. So, I thought, it would be the same with this major dog food manufacturer.

                            Piper (front) Milo (rear)

One year later all the dogs came down with diarrhea. I immediately checked dog food recalls and found it was, once again, Blue Buffalo.

Click here to see the latest recalls. This time, it’s on dog chews. If you haven’t already subscribed, I strongly urge you to get on the e-mail list for all dog and cat food recalls at  It’s a free service. 

Lexi the Schnauzer and Riley

Of course, I now believe the safest way to feed is to make your own, whether it is cooked or raw.  And the nutrition derived from a home-made diet far outweighs the “added” vitamins and minerals” in the kibble. Happy and safe feeding to all. ❤

This is Lucy and Xena, and we approve this message.

10 thoughts on “Dog Chew Recalls

  1. We have subscribed to the recall list for quite some time now which we Tweet about and share on our Facebook page. Lately there have been a number of various brands of treats recalled. So sad commercial food has these recalls far too regularly to suit me. Stay safe (and thanks for sharing the bad news).

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  2. I hope no one will get problems… it has always a bitter taste for me when I read about recalls… sure mistakes and other things can happen but I’m such a howlicopter girl and with my 87 fears and bad feelings I often change the brand after such happenings…

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