Thursday is my Friday

Everyone talks about Friday being their last work day. Mine is Thursday. It’s a good day. I get to see some of my favorite people, and this week was special. On Wednesday, there was a meeting of lots of ladies and they ate lunch together in a big room upstairs. On the way to work, Mommy told me this was going to happen, and she explained how she expected me to behave. This was the first time I was around more than just a few people. I was a brave girl, and was nice to everyone. Mommy said she was very, very proud of me.

The whole thing was fun but exhausting, so after my lunch I needed to take a long rest with Mr. Hedgehog. Herr Ludwig came over to say hi, and then had to go back to guarding Mommy’s printer.

On Thursday, Mommy told me the same thing on the way to work, but that it was going to be a big group of nice pastors meeting in the church-instead of nice lady members-who all want to pet me. I went up to the pastors and wagged my tail and gave them my most adorable look.  They all bought it thought I was pretty, and I got lots of attention. Later, Pastor Evelyn told Mommy that when they went into the big room called the sanctuary, I went as far as the door and didn’t go in. She said I was a very good girl. ( I remembered that Mommy told me not to go in there, so I guess I was a good girl.)

Thursday was sunny and warm, so, after everyone left, me and Mommy went outside for a while. I found that some other dog had been in my church yard and left his poop there. Mommy said, “Ick! Leave it.” The grass is full of interesting smells. 

Pretty soon it was time to go home, go for a walk, eat my supper, visit with Lucy, and go to bed. It’s been a very busy week.

I am Xena the Very Good Girl Schnauzer Warrior Princess

17 thoughts on “Thursday is my Friday

  1. Good work Xena. Today I went to a Health Fair for humans to help with a booth for our training club. There was LOTS of people and noise and I was nervous at first. But then it got fun to get a lot of attention from people It was a good day and now I am exhausted

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    1. You’re a good pup too, Mabel. Today I am going to Shamrock City at Rock City. I hope I don’t get scared by the loud noise of the band. ~Xena


  2. Nice work Xena!!! You’re such a good little pup. I can’t really the same for myself if I were in that situation. I think I would have been too excited and tried to jump on people to lick their faces. Nymeria would just run the opposite direction and never look back. BOL!

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  3. Well Done Xena, you must have made Mom VERY proud of you! (and that means lots of TREATS right?)
    You certainly had a very busy but FUNS week
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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