Xena’s Big Adventure at Shamrock City

Hi, this is Lucy with another installment of Mom Grooming.

Xena: Wait! I want to tell about my adventures at Shamrock City on St. Patrick’s Day.

Lucy: So that’s where everyone went without me yesterday.

Xena: Yep, and I got poop-faced.

Lucy: Oh, no! Go ahead…I can’t wait to hear about this!

Xena: Te he, well, it started like this. Daddy is the Em Cee during the two weekends of Shamrock City and he teaches Irish folk dance, so he has to go. Mommy doesn’t usually go to Rock City in March ’cause it’s either cold or raining or both. But this year, it was a perfect day with sunshine and the temperature in the 70’s F. On the way up Lookout Mountain Mommy reminded me that I went to Rock City last October, right after my adoption. She said at first I was very scared of the band, but then I realized it wasn’t a monster chasing after me and I relaxed and enjoyed myself.

Mommy, everyone here is wearing green. Why didn’t you get me a St. Patty’s day shirt? Look! The band is getting ready to play!Daddy said they are called the Olta Band and they all live in Chattanooga.

When the Olta Band went on break, Mommy and I (Mommy taught me that is the right way to say that instead of me and Mommy) anyhow me and Mommy and I walked around the park. I read some pee mail and also left some of my own. We saw this amazing green water fall…

…and a plaque that told about the married couple who started Rock City. Their names are Garnet and Frieda Carter. Click on the picture to read about that, but be sure to come back, ’cause I haven’t gotten to the good part yet.

Lucy: So, Xena, where’s the part where you got in trouble?

Xena: I didn’t get in trouble. And I’m getting to it. Be patient!

When we got back to the pavilion, scary Mr. Rocky was there. He tried to be nice to me, but jeepers creepers, wouldn’t you run if you saw him coming at you? But then Mommy wanted to take our picture all together and I was in Daddy’s arm and I knew Daddy wouldn’t let anything bad happen, soooo…I decided to take this opportunity to check out Rocky’s big nose.

Lucy: So did you go get poop-faced to calm your nerves after that?

Xena: No! Will you pleeeease let me tell my story!?

I went to the patio outside the pavilion and relaxed while Mommy finished her Guinness Beer Float. These two came over to steal Mommy’s beer meet us .

The little girl is a miniature schnauzer, like me, only I think God gave her a double portion when he handed out ears. The big girl is half giant schnauzer and half standard poodle.  I don’t remember their names or where they live. You see, I was concentrating on the cup in Mommy’s hand.

They finally left, and Mommy put down her “empty” cup and picked up her Fire tablet to read a book. She looked down when she heard a man behind her laughing.I looked up too, but the cup was stuck on my face.  Mommy got it off right away, ’cause she knows that can be very dangerous. At the time, I didn’t care, ’cause OMD, that Guinness flavored ice cream stuck to the insides of the cup was sooooo tasty!Yep, that’s ice cream residue all over my face, and I couldn’t stop grinning.

So, Lucy, that’s why I want to tell my story today. Can you tell the grooming story another day? Please?

Lucy: Uh, yep. And now I know why you didn’t go to Shamrock City with Dad today.

This is Xena, the brave Schnauzer Warrior Princess taking a “rest” day at home.



26 thoughts on “Xena’s Big Adventure at Shamrock City

  1. Oh Xena wee are laffin here!! yur adoorabull…even when ‘poop-faced’. An a bit of beer will not hert you…..iss not like yur imm-bibin all thee time!!
    An a wee bit of (m)ice creem makes efurryfing all rite.
    **Hi-5’sss** Dharth Henry =^,.^=

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fantastic day you had. Your parents take you to the most exciting places. I am glad you got used to the music. Thanks for showing us your fun day

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think there’s a rainbow to cross before we can get to the Emerald City, Dennis. And yes, the colors do look the same, don’t they? ~Xena


  3. Oh my Xena, you are a mess to be sure. Your Mom is going to have to put a cow bell on you so she can hear the mischief you’re in when she’s not looking. Hope you have a nice restful day.

    Liked by 1 person

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