Tubbie Barker Gets Groomed

Hi, this is Lucy here to tell you about Mom’s latest new groom. (looks around) OK, just wanted to be sure Xena wasn’t going to interrupt me this time with more wild tales.

First up is this 3 month old shih-tzu-Havanese mix who was purchased at a truck stop. Mr. and Mrs. Barker (yes, that’s really their name) were at an Interstate truck stop when this woman approached them with a puppy. The woman said that someone was supposed to meet her there to give her $150 for that puppy, but the buyer never showed up. She asked the Barkers (he,he, I’m sorry, he, he) if they wanted to buy him. She showed them pictures of his litter mates at home. Mrs. Barker looked in her wallet and offered her all she had – $8. The woman said she would take it, since she needed gas money! Mr. Barker came up with another $20, and they now had a new addition to the family. Here is Tubby before and after grooming:Mom said he was a “handful,” just because he was a puppy. Mrs. Barker (he, he, he, he…sorry) was delighted and said he looked like a little boy. She had already asked Mom if she could bring Roxie when she picked up Tubby, so Mom got a bonus groom on Friday. You might remember Roxie, an 11 year old shih tzu poodle mix. This is a picture from the last time Mom groomed her:

This time Mrs. Barker (I’m not gonna laugh, I’m not gonna laugh) wanted most of the hair cut off her legs, so Mom trimmed them really short, but didn’t shave them. Mom said Roxi is almost as sweet as me!

Mom was getting ready to go pull weeds at the church when she got a call from a lady who hadn’t brought her two schnauzers back to Mom to groom for eleven months. Mom thought she had found another groomer. Wrong! Mom told her to come on, she could groom them right then. Here they are pre-and post-groom:

This is Dexter. He’s a 3 year old schnauzer. Yep, same dog in both pictures. He also had some fleas and ticks. He and his sister are outside a lot of the time, running free through the woods and stuff. That sounds like fun.

This is 10 year old Sophie. Sophie had big thick mats and a couple of ticks. When last we met (I heard that phrase and have been waiting to be able to use it), Sophie had a tumor on her ear. It didn’t look good, and Mom was scared it was something bad. Sophie’s Mom took her to the dogtor, who took off the tumor and had it checked. Mom had asked for your prayers for Sophie, and we want to say thank you, because she is fine.

That’s it for this edition of When Mom Grooms.

Love and wiggles, Lucy

Pee Ess: The first picture is of Tubby Barker. *rolls on floor laughing*

30 thoughts on “Tubbie Barker Gets Groomed

  1. OMD, they look FABulous!!! And I bets YOUR MOMS doesn’t try and cut your ears off like MY MA does!!!! sigh. If only your guys lived closer your Moms could have a REAL challenge in groomin’ MOI…heheheee Seriously, your Moms does some good work, and those puppers look AMAZIN’!!
    Ruby ♥

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    1. Mom says thanks. I don’t know who that scissor hand guy is, but I’m not allowed to watch the movie to find out…something about it giving me bad dreams. ~Lucy

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  2. Hi Lucy and Xena…thanks for stopping by yesterday and leaving your comments about our band. We’ll have an update next Tuesday on the Band etc.
    Your mom is an excellent groomer!
    Hugs madi your bfff

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  3. Lucy, your mom does beautiful work grooming a variety of of dogs. Bet she just loves the people who bring their dogs twice a year. That’s like starting over with new dogs that are much harder to groom. They all looked lovely when they were finished.

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    1. Mom says thanks. This was a once a year groom, and Dexter forgot how to behave. She said she had to “scruff” him twice and hold him like that to groom around his face. After that, he seemed to remember and stopped fighting and biting at her.


  4. Hari OM
    OMD… I can’t get past the beginning story of Tubby and the Barkers (*cough cough*) – I might have been letting the police know there was dog-dealing going on – $150 to $28??? Nothing suss about that… However, getting past it – I’s so happy that Tubby became a Barker (*cough cough*) Thanks for sharing all these before and afters with us today Lucy! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

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    1. Tubby isn’t the only one I groom that may have been bought under *questionable* circumstances. The new owners really just wanted to save the dog and give him/her a good home. It’s hard, sometimes, to know what to do. ~Lucy’s Mom

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  5. I LUFFS the before and after photos…are you sure they are the same pup ‘cos the afters are pawsome!!!
    and The Barkers….heheheheheheheh
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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  6. The Barkers…! [struggling not to laugh!] Yeah, sure! Hee! Hee!

    Anyway, that is one handsome little guy, and I can only imagine what a handful he was while you groomed him! At any rate, he turned out sooooo cute and I don’t see any evidence that you accidentally cut out a chunk of fur here or two while shaping his fur. I’m sure he was a wiggle baby, given his genetic heritage! I AM impressed!

    Tubby Barker~! [I’ll try not to roll over you while I laugh, too! They were fated to be joined by this little charmer!]

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      1. I had an instructor in college named Book, which I thought was funny though he was very competent and severe – no joking with Mr. Book! The Barkers take the cake, though! Much funnier than Book.

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