Xena’s Visitor

Xena: Hi Ludwig. Why are you wearing my walking vest?

It is because Das Mommy has invited me home for Easter holiday.

Xena: Really? That’s great! You’ll get to meet my big sister Lucy and, and (quietly) you might like her…more than you like me… and then… No, no, Ludwig, you wouldn’t like it at my house at all! Not at all! Lucy might eat you. You’ve gotta tell Mommy you can’t come. But that would be rude, lovely Prinzessin. You must not ask me to do that.

A few minutes later…

Xena: So this is my car, Herr Ludwig. It’s name is T-Lex after my Angel Sister Lexi. It goes really fast, but you mustn’t be afraid. You can look out the windows and see other cars and people and buildings and all kinds of stuff.

This is fun, Prinzessin Xena. I would like to have a T-Lex also.  It is wunderbar.

Xena: Ludwig, wake up! We’re almost home.

Xena: First the important stuff. This is the toy basket. Those are my toys. Understand? My toys.I have no need of toys, beautiful Xena. After all, I have you.

Lucy: Who is your friend, Xena? Can I play with him?

Xena: No! Er, I mean, I’m showing Ludwig around, so please don’t bother us right now. Why don’t you go see if our supper is ready? And ask Mommy to set a place for Ludwig, too.


3 hours later…

Xena: What am I gonna do, Lucy?I don’t know, Xena. He’s your problem. You brought him home and told me to stay away from him. All I know is this is my bed and you can’t sleep here.

I am Xena, the Schnauzer Warrior Princess with nowhere to lay my head.

20 thoughts on “Xena’s Visitor

    1. I’m not sure I wished for anything, Miss Monika. But Ludwig is here now and I will have to make the best of it. Happy Easter! (I can’t wait to see what this is all about!!) ~Xena

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  1. oh a sleepover with some problems…. it sadly is common that the guest can sleep in your bed Princess Xena…. but you can find the solution like the mama and her cousin once: all sleep on the floor so there is no bed-war ;O)))

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    1. Thanks, Ruby, but they are at your house and I am at my house and when I get tired and it’s time to go to bed I need my bed NOW, BOL!


  2. Hari OM
    Gracious Xena-precious, methinks you are in a quandary; you like Ludwig enough to want to not share…errr… to keep him safe from Lucy, yet to share your sleeping space with him is just a bit too ‘friendly’. Hmmmm… could you find a sleeping bag (pillow case) for Herr Ludwig so that he can be near but not close. Kinda… sigh… I hope you are going to have a happy and sharing caring Easter dear one! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

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  3. Poor Xena…..you could come stay with mee…there are 6 places to sleep; you can have anyone you want OK?? Maybee Lucy could show Ludwig around thee house aftur his nappie an then you can get yur bed back…..
    ***nose rubsss*** Dharth Henry xXXx

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