As I was taking a nice, relaxed lunch in the sunshine, I saw movement around my feet……and wondered what that little scurrying thing would taste like.It ran away, but there were more, probably it’s sisters and brothers and aunts and uncles and friends. “What a fun game,” I thought, “to try to see how many I can catch.” It wasn’t too hard, and once I got them in my mouth it was just easier to swallow them than to try to spit them out.Ohh, I think I’ve had enough little black ants for one day. It feels like they are still running around, but in my tummy.Let’s go back inside now Mommy. I need a drink to try to drown those tummy ants.

I am Xena, the Anteating Schnauzer Warrior Princess. *burb*

25 thoughts on “Anteater

  1. hello xena its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm it is posibul to eet ants??? i wunder if i shud try it!!! i meen i no mama has ben lukking for novel proteens for me on akkownt of my didjestiv ishyooz and it duz not git mutch more novel then ants am i rite??? ok bye

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    1. Hi Dennis. I’ve moved on to worms. There’s dead ones on the road cause of , well, I don’t know why. But they taste even better than the ants. ~Xena


  2. Just be careful you don’t eat any red ants………they will give you a nasty bite.
    You are such an inquisitive little girl.sometimes I worry. But most of the time you make me smile.

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