Mechanically Inclined

Xena: Why does Mommy keep closing the patio door?

Lucy: I heard her say something about mosquitoes. But I have to go potty.

Xena: Good thing I’m mechanical, like Mommy always says.

I’m Xena, the Mechanically Inclined Schnauzer Warrior Princess

39 thoughts on “Mechanically Inclined

  1. HOLY COW PATTIES!!!!! GURL, you are BRILLIANT!!!! You have your very own doggie door!!! I wish our heavy patio slider door moved that well…I would be FREE! sigh. Maybe if I put some of my slobbers in the tracks of the door….hmmmm…I’ll keep you updated….
    Ruby ♥

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    1. Hi Ruby! You have to chew a hole in the screen first so you have something good to grab ahold of to move it. I figured this out all by myself! >3 ~Xena


    1. Thanks! I didn’t think I had to be smart to figure out that one, but maybe you are right. I will see what else I can figure out. ~Xena


  2. It’s true: real brains come in small packages!
    (Maybe a dog door panel that can be put in a sliding door for there day and even removed at night? Worked for us once) We already have some bad disease mosquitoes appearing in some areas -UGH. Having to watch the doors and run inland out quickly to keep them outside (The cat being too lazy to chase them…only effort she makes is to paw point at them.)

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  3. WOW! Good work, X. Could you stop by here later and work on the garbage pail, the treat drawer, and the cabinet where my kibbles are? And maybe the refrigerator….?

    Love and licks,

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  4. Next thing you know there’ll be a doggy door out there to keep the bugs and critters out.. Xena, I think you must stay out nights to try out new things to do every day.
    Love you
    Granny T

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  5. Xena, the look on your face when you show Lucy that you opened the door is priceless! Could you teach us how to do that?
    ~ nose nudges Bessie

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