Birthday Surprises

Dear friends, before I start telling you about my great birthday, I want to say I’m sorry for tricking you. I didn’t mean to. My paw hit the publish button by mistake, and I wasn’t near done. But I am now, so please don’t be mad and read about my most specialest day ~Xena

I had the bestest birthday I ever had. Of course it was the only one I ever had. On the way home from work, we stopped at the Smart Pet place. After looking around, we went home with yummy treats for me.

When we got home, there were all my stuffie friends, including Ludwig, in the kitchen with bags of pressies for me. Winter bear got tired and fell asleep while he was waiting for me to get home, so he missed me opening my pressies. This pink bag had a lot of bouncy yellow foam balls that Mommy will throw for me. I love to play fetch with balls, and I’m even getting better at catching them with my mouth and my paws.The flower bag had yummy flavored bones in it – I had to share one of them with Lucy. Mommy let us chew on them for a while before dinner, but when she saw how quickly we chewed them apart, she took them away from us and fed them to that bad old can that’s under the sink. I hate that can. It gets lots of stuff I could eat! 

Ludwig ran and got me to come open my last pressie. He whispered in my ear, “I got this one for you, Xena. You are my friend and I love you.” Sure enough, that bag held my favorite pressie of all…a bully horn sized just right for me. Lucy wanted to chew it up, so I am going to take it to work and leave it there, where she can’t get it.

Next came supper. I got a French meal called steak tartar. Instead of bacon on top, there was fresh salmon. It was on a real fancy plate that used to belong to my Grandma. Next to it is my dessert: sliced apple and strawberries and goat yogurt.

Nom, nom, nom.

Lucy got beef and chicken and egg and cabbage and a tiny bit of salmon. And she got the same dessert as me.

She ate so fast that she made all these disgusting piggy noises (sorry, Bacon). We got our desserts after we finished our meal and had licked our plate and bowl clean. You can see we both dug into the yogurt first.

So that is the story of my first birthday, and I hope everyone liked hearing about it.

I am Xena the One-Year-Old Schnauzer Warrior Princess

32 thoughts on “Birthday Surprises

  1. Happy happy Birthday to ou Xena! You had such a great one. I’m sorry I am late but mommy says birthdays are to be celebrated all month long! So every day that we might go to a restaurant and it is in your birthday month you tell them it’s your birthday and they usually bring a delicious desert just for the birthday girl or boy! And if it’s the right type of food place all the waiters come over to embarrass you and sing loud silly birthday songs.

    One time they made my mommy do the Mexican Hat Dance with the waiter! So fun. So keep on celebrating!

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  2. I don’t know how it works, Dennis. But if that’s true, then won’t it be fun when I’m a zillion!? ~Xena


  3. hello xena its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow wot grayt loot and noms for yore big oh wun birthday!!! wot a wunnerful party sellebrayshun that wuz!!! nekst yeer wen yoo ar two perhaps their will be twice as mutch of evrything that is how it wurks rite??? ok bye

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  4. Pawsum pawsum pawsum Xena!!! Lady Amy sure knowss hwo to treet doggiess reel good. Thee foodabullss looked furabuluss… so many kewl presentsss!
    Happy Ferst Birthday sweet gurl!!!
    ❤ an **nose kissesss** Dharth Henry xxx an {{hugsss}} LadyMum ❤

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  5. Once he stopped pretending to be someone he wasn’t, Ludwig has become my friend and a really nice dog. ~Xena


  6. Yes, Ruby, do come and help me celebrate anytime! We’ll have a ball, er, play with a ball, and Mommy said it is ok for me to have a drink called a Shirley Temple! ❤ ~Xena


  7. OMD, gurl, you had the BESTEST BURTHDAY EVERS!!!! I am so jealous! Lookie at all your FABulous pressies AND that DINNER??! Oh , you don’t knows how good you have it!! Next Burthday, I’ll come overs to helps you EATS…um…I MEAN celebrate! ☺
    Ruby ♥
    pees: I hates that bucket under the sink too….sigh

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  8. Hi Madi. My post goes to FB too, so Mommy went to Facebook and deleted the first, unfinished version, but it already had 2 comments! Oh, and raw eggs go well with my raw diet. 🙂 ~Xena


  9. Ohhhhh Xena what A DAY!! No worries sometimes mom hits the publish button too soon, catches it and changes the date to when she wants it to post. But blogger thinks it has already posted and won’t post again. Good help is hard to get.

    OMCS I love eggs but I like them hard boiled.
    Hugs madi your bfff

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  10. Mommy was with a Frenchman in France once who ordered that. Knowing full well what it was, she looked at him and said, No! Order something else, And he did. ~Xena


  11. That was one super duper birthday! And with all your bestes furiends too. I will have me a treat or two too to celebrate, got hungry from looking at your plates! Benji

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  12. oh that was a super birthday! your stuffies arranged a surprise pawty and there was salmon included, yay!!!! …the mama once ordered steak tartar in a restaurant many moons ago… she had no clue that it is not well done but raw… wow that was a surprise I tell ya… but at least her dad ate it and she hadn’t to dispose it like Mr. Bean in da movie :O)))

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