Grooming with Mom

Hi friends. This is Lucy, reporting on a new episode of Grooming with Mom.

Maggie isn’t a newbie. She has been here before. This is her before and after picture from the first time she was here in October last year. 

She has been back twice since that. This time, however, Maggie’s Dad brought her and told my Mom to give her a short poodle cut. She is half poodle and half shih tzu, and definitely looks more poodlish.  Her “before” look isn’t nearly as bad as it was the first time she was on Mom’s torture grooming table.After a lot of shaving and some arguing over getting her face shaved, here’s how she looked in her “after.” We found out that her Mama was about to have surgery for breast cancer, and needed Maggie to have an easy haircut to manage. Please send up your POTP, good thoughts and prayers for Miss Marcia, Maggie’s Mom.

Licks and wiggles, Lucy

32 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom

  1. Maggie looks gorgeous and very poodle-y in her poodle cut. It will be easy for her family to manage and nice and cool for summer. Mom and I said prayers for Maggie’s mom, and we are sure that she will do fine and be better soon.

    Love and licks,

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  2. Maggie looks lovely and will be able to snuggle close to her mama, Miss Marcia, when she comes home. Many thoughts and prayers coming her way for a speedy recovery.

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