Xena Remembers Agility Fun

It’s so boring wearing the cone without ice cream. I was just thinking about how much fun I had at my pre-agility class. Remember the V-ramp that I loved – just like Angel Lexi said I would? Look at my legs-I was running so fast they were just a blur.

And there were those hoops to jump through. Easy-Peasy.

The blind tunnel was harder. I had to have faith that there was nothing bad waiting to eat me on the other side of the blind, and I had just enough faith to run through it one time.I hope my boo boo heals up fast so that I don’t have to wear the cone without ice cream when I go to my very first Agility Won class in a couple of weeks.

I am Xena the Schnauzer Princess Warrior Cone Head

27 thoughts on “Xena Remembers Agility Fun

  1. Arty has to where a donut that we can’t eat every night…I can’t imagine what it must be like to have to where a cone without ice cream…Now I think I’m hungry…MMAAAAMMMA….
    OH, I hope you stop having the itchies quicker than quick!

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      1. Say Xena there iss a speshell doggie (m)ice creem what does not uppyset thee tummy…,,mee wunderss if Lady Amy could find sum at a pet supply store?? Then you could cuddle an snuggull an eat (m)ice creem……
        Mee-yow about a win-win-win situation rite? 😉

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        1. It’s a kind of fermented milk. It comes in a small plastic jug. Daddy has to drink the goat’s milk kind, but we like the cow’s milk kind, too. Mommy says most stores carry it in the dairy section.

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  2. Xena you are a natural for agility……you turn into the warrior princess and just conquer every obstacle they put in your way.with such grace. You will be poetry in motion.soon
    That cone without ice cream. will come off in no time………maybe that’s when you get your ice cream. I can’t wait to see you surrounded by all the beautiful ribbons you will be able to win.
    Granny T

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