Grooming with Mom: Roxxii

Hmm, I wonder if her name is really Roxy or R O twenty three. 

Hi, friends, this is Lucy with another episode of “Grooming with Mom.” In this episode, my peeps brother Andrew was hangin’ with one of his friends…I wonder if Riley was with them and if he was thinking about me. Anyhow, his friend’s girlfriend was there with her 8-year-old shih tzu, Roxxii.  He, he.

So Andrew said, “Oh my God, that dog is an unholy mess! You need to go see my Mom right away!” OK, maybe not exactly like that, but she got the message, right?

Here’s Roxxii’s before picture: Andrew was right, right? Mom said that Roxxii is a very good girl. Mom’s thinking maybe a scissor cut next time would be more attractive, but it will be whatever Roxxii and her Mom want. Well, mostly what her Mom wants. When Roxxii was done, she looked like this:Her Mom was so happy that she asked if she should bring her back in two weeks. My Mom tried not to laugh when she said she thought six weeks might be just about right. 

This is Lucy, signing off with licks and wiggles from Grooming with Mommy.

33 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom: Roxxii

  1. Pretty girl! Anyway, I hope you show us the scissor cut vs. the clipper cut this time so we can see how that affects the result. Hard to believe this sweet “pup” could look any cuter!

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