Xena Meets Her New Cousin

Within minutes of being strapped into the back seat with Lucy, I was free. I don’t like being in the back seat. When Mommy stopped for gas, she strapped me in again, so I tortured her by panting real loud the rest of the three and one half hour trip. You should have seen how far my tongue can hang out! Mommy was too busy driving to get a picture. When we got to Auntie Jen’s, Mommy left me in the car, with a dried out tongue and starved half to death while Lucy got introduced to the new boy, Achilles.

It was finally time for me, the starved schnauzer, to meet Achilles.He didn’t look so big from up here in my Daddy’s arms. Really, all I could think about was why my dinner was so late.Did Lucy bribe you to keep my cornered here? You’d better move along before me and my shadow go all schnauzer warrior princess on you.

I didn’t have much peace the rest of the weekend. Achilles seemed to be fascinated with me. Yes, it’s me, Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess, and I’ll warrior all over you if you don’t get your nose out of my bee hind.

Now what do you want, big dog? No, I won’t be your girlfriend.

In case you are wondering, the green scarf isn’t a fashion statement. Mommy puts essential oils on it to keep the bugs away from me. It didn’t work on keeping Achilles away, though, BOL.You promise to stop bugging me if I what?! Well, OK, maybe just one quick kiss.

That was a mistake, ’cause then what I think I overheard Achilles say to my Daddy was, “Mr. Jeff, can I marry your daughter, the little one, the pretty one?” After Daddy said no, Achilles settled for a taste of Daddy’s coffee.

All in all, it was a good trip. I got to know my Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill better, and had a good time playing with Ella and Lucy. Mommy, do we really have to leave now? When can we come back and visit our new cousins?

Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess

26 thoughts on “Xena Meets Her New Cousin

  1. Hari OM
    OMD Xena, you have been travelling… and I have travellers from Canada visiting me just now. The world seems to be on the move!!! I am glad you liked your visit, even if Achilles was a bit over-attentive… He’s a big handsome boy, it must be said…hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

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  2. Yes, Purrince Henry, getting along is very good when you have to be around a great big dog. And it looked like Lucy was more interested in playing with Ella. Achilles is a big clunkerhead.


  3. Mee-you Xena it was a grate visit…onlee mee was tryin to match make Lucy with Achilless. Sumtimess planss do not werk….at leest you an Achilless like each other….well you all get along. That iss a good fing!!!
    ***nose rubsss*** Purrince Dharth xXXx

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  4. xena we like your post so much! and we like the idea with the bandana to keep evil stuff away …that is much better than to put a treatment on the skin, we will borrow that idea from your mama if she agrees ;O)

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  5. Its no surprise that Achilles feel head over paws in luffs with you Xena, ‘cos you are just soooo GORGEOUS!!!!
    I am in awe of your Warrior Princess spirit that stops you being timid around BIG pups…you truly are a Warrior Princess!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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