Grooming with Mom: Sophie and Dexter

Hi there! Lucy here with another episode of grooming with Mom.  Today we feature Sophie, the 11-year-old salt-and-pepper Miniature Schnauzer, and her brother Dexter, the 4-year-old white miniature schnauzer. They are both bigger than Xena; Mom says they are the same size as Angel Lexi. They are good pups, except when it comes to shaving around Dexter’s nards. Dad had to hold him for that, while reassuring him that his prized possessions would still be there when Mom got done, BOL!

Ladies first, so here’s Sophie “before”and “after.”.Sophie thanked Mom with nose kisses.

Mom thought it would be fun to show a “halfies” with Dexter. Cray-cray, right? Here he is all groomed and bathed. 

Dexter had to check to be sure no parts were missing.

Lucy signing off until next time. Love and wiggles (but not on the grooming table)

17 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom: Sophie and Dexter

  1. No…that’s not the same dog! Sophie is blonde in the first photo and greyish black in the second. The blonde must be additional furs and the base colour grey. What an outstanding job on both these cute little dogs. Is there anyway to make the mustache different as they both have Hitler’s mustache. How about a Fu Man Chy mustache….lol


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    1. Ha, ha, your comments made me laugh. Sophie is a salt and pepper, like Xena. The older the S&Ps get, the lighter they usually get. And you’re right about the shaving. We had a really orange dog who, when shaved, was an orangish beige.
      You had to say that about the beard…now I will think about that every time!


  2. I love to see a freshly groomed dog. They look so good and I know they feel so much better too. Wonder why people let their hair get so long in this heat .Your mom does a spiffy job,
    Have a great day ya’ll.

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