Fall Flower Friday

Lucy: This is our first time to join in the Flower Friday blog hop. First, we want to thank Rosy from LLB in Our Back Yard for hosting it.

We went on a walk with Mom around the neighborhood. Mom thinks these are called knock-out roses in one of our neighbor’s yard. Whatever they’re called, this one’s for you, Rosy!After reading all the pee mail and leaving some, too, we went home and ran, ran, ran in the front yard. The grass is long and still wet from the dew and high humidity, so Xena’s legs got soaked.

Xena: So why wouldn’t you come pose in front of the pansies, Luce the Deuce? Here I was, looking my worst wit the sun in my eyes and my tongue hanging out and I still did what Mommy asked.Did you know that pansies are a winter flower in Tennessee? Unless, of course, it gets super cold, then they die. 😦 We love their pretty faces. Mommy got 3 pansies for two dollars when we went to the Home Depot. But that’s a story for another day. I’m panting hot and all wet from run, run, running with Lucy in the front yard. 

Thanks for letting us join in Flower Friday!

Lucy the Deucy and Xena Schnauzer Princess Warrior

Pee S: Mommy can never get the blog hop stuff to work, so be sure to go over to Rosy’s blog (the link is at the top of my our post) and visit with everyone.

20 thoughts on “Fall Flower Friday

  1. OMD…HI XENA(and Lucy)!!

    Thanks so much for joining me today for Flower Friday..You are looking very spiffy(and a little worn out) in front of the pretty pansies!
    I love my Rosies, thanks so much!

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  2. Pansies are real troupers of flowers – I think their happy faces keep them warm! Ours usually last Oct to June (when they start begging for shade and AC)
    Our Lowes here has a rack of discounted plants that are a little bedraggled. They are cheap cheap and people know – those plants find happy forever homes quickly and like most things perk right up with a little care.
    Paw waves for dog walks!

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