Monkey Business

Xena: Lucy! What are you doing down there?Lucy: Uh, I was just playing with Monkey. He’s nice and I like him.Xena: No! He’s my monkey and I didn’t say you could play with him.Take your paws off him. I still remember what you and Riley did to Raccoon.

You can’t get away from me, Lucy. You must be punished.

Lucy:  Where did you hear about being punished, Xe. Mom and Dad don’t say or do that. I would be afraid of them if they did. And I’m not. Xena: On that Netflix TV place that we watch with Mom. The one that always starts out with that loud “DuDum!” sound.OK, now play dead and I might let you go. Good. And remember, my monkey. 

Don’t worry, Monkey, I’ll take care of you.

I am Xena the Protective Schnauzer Warrior Princess

32 thoughts on “Monkey Business

  1. Mee understandss Xena…mee will NOT SHARE mee home with any other 4 legged which iss why mee spent so long at THE shelter. No one wanted a cat who does not share. LadyMummy said shee onlee wnatss one cat to lavish her attenshun on so wee make a good pare.
    An you sharin Sweetieheart Bear was furry sweet Xena!
    Maybee you cuud ask yore Mummy to buy Lucy her own Sweetieheart Bear??? Just an diea.
    ***paw patsss*** BellaDharma

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  2. hello monkey its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo ar verry verry lukky that yoo hav got sumbuddy like xena to protekt yoo owr stuffeez heer yoozed to sort of be protekted by tucker but he wuz not all that gud at it and i wood regyoolarly steel them and destuff them and it wuz wunnerful!!! so just reemember monkey be nice to xena and buy her lots of prezzents yoo ar fortchoonat to hav her!!! ok bye

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  3. OMD, Xena you are one protective SP(Schnauzer Princess)!!! I gots to know though, does your Monkey have squeakies?? I likes squeakies, butts I usually dead the squeakies, butts rarely the whole stuffie. Can I play with your Monkey???? what?? Oh. Ma said I shouldn’t cause I would gets it all slobbery. true. nevermind.
    Ruby ♥

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  4. It iss not all wayss easy to share iss it Xena? Mee cuud not share inn thee 2 placess mee went an that iss why mee ended upss in Sheltur so many timess. Beein here mee does not have to share anything an mee iss furry happy. Butt you have a pawsum Sisfur inn Lucy…..that iss a blessin….even if shee doess hi-jack yore monkey, meow meow…
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma aka (NOONEGETSSMEE RUDYSTUFFIE BellaDharma)

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  5. Xena, It looked like Lucy was just keeping Monkey safe until you got up to play. Good sisters do that you know.
    Be a sweet girl to Lucy, you are very lucky to have her you know. Can you imagine how lonely you’d be without her/
    Granny T

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