Grooming with Mom: Benny

Hi Friends, and welcome to another episode of Grooming with Mom. Our pup this week is a 10-week-old cockapoo and this was his first groom. Here is Benny after his bath. He’s just a baby, and he got scared, so Mom brought in the big dog to help calm him (me). I was real sweet and told him everything would be ok, and that I would be laying on the floor right next to the table in case he needed anything. That did seem to help a lot. Benny’s granddad brought a picture that Benny’s Mom sent for how she wanted him groomed. NOTE: This is NOT Benny. This is an actor.

The clippers on his face terrified him, so Mom made the executive decision that she wasn’t going to do that. Here is Benny all groomed, sorta’like the picture.His ears are crazy fuzzy ’cause the hair is still growing in on them.  Mom isn’t super happy with the results. Benny didn’t care. He was so exhausted that he laid down on the table and fell asleep while he waited for his peeps to come get him. I stayed there as I promised until the car pulled into the drive, then I went upstairs to check on Xena.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter on the Groom Beat

27 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom: Benny

  1. Lucy, you are so sweet gurl! I hope you can sit with me when Ma clips me ~ I don’t likes my hinnie clipped! I mean, who does, rights??! I thinks you could calm me down more than Gpa (he gives me scrittches while she clips near my delicate parts ☺). Anyhu, I thinks your Moms did a FABulous job, especially considering it was his furst time! I thinks he’ll get more comfy with the clippers once he knows they aren’t gonna hurt him or eats his brain! heheee
    Good job all around!
    Ruby ♥

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  2. Lucy you have a talent for calming puppies down. The first time is always a do the best you can with most dogs. Benny lying down and just chilling out after the groom is a perfect first groom.
    A couple of tips for mom. Have you tried a bent shank curved scissor? They are great for rounding a face ears head and legs. No noise and takes less rime. Another tool is a thinning shear to blend in shoulders to legs, fly away ears and elbows. They make great Christmas presents,,,,,,,,,,,,hint hint
    Granny T

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    1. Hi Miss Toni. I watched Mom use a blending shear all over Benny’s body, and the doggone hair just wouldn’t blend! Mom has 2 curved shears, but doesn’t know what a bend shank one is. She says thanks for the tips. 🙂 Lucy


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