I’m itchy. I’m licking and  biting and scratching my face and my feet and my legs and well, everywhere. Mommy says it’s seasonal allergies. I say it’s super poopy (thanks, Noodle, for teaching me that.)

If I went to the nice lady vet and got an allergy shot, I wouldn’t be itchy anymore. But that’s how Mommy’s first schnauzer, Freda, got Cushing’s disease – from another vet where Mommy doesn’t go anymore. So no allergy shots for me!

I’ve found the best remedy is to curl up in Mommy’s arm and let her scritch all the itchy places. She’s real good at that and is careful to not hurt my skin.

Mommy is working on natural ways of helping me. She reads a lot and has ordered some special powders and oil and gives me yummy food that is supposed to help build up my I’m a moon system, at least the part of my moon system that deals with allergies. Here’s some of the stuff she gives me. The Krill oil is good because it doesn’t have any bad mercury in it like a lot of fish, and it’s in a vacuum bottle so it doesn’t spoil. I love my kefir, too. It is full of problematics, er, probies, or something like that, and Mommy mixes my new powdered colostrum into it. The information about my colostrum  says, FACT: Research has identified an ingredient called proline-rich polypeptide (PRP) as one of the main components of colostrum responsible for eliminating or improving the symptoms of allergies. It’s also thought to be useful for other autoimmune conditions. PRP is reported to stimulate an under-active immune system into dealing with disease-causing organisms and it can also suppress an overactive system that results from autoimmune disorders and allergic reactions.”

Anyhoo, I also get Seasonal Support sprinkled on my food. Mommy said to follow the link to find out all the good stuff in it, like stinging nettle, bee pollen, cat’s claw and herbs and more. It tells more about how it helps, too.

There is stuff in apples and bananas that is supposed to help get rid of the itchies, too. We only get organic apples, ’cause they have now replaced strawberries as the fruit with the most pesticides. Pesticides are icky. Mommy cuts the fruit into pieces and throws them at to me and Lucy to catch. It’s fun to play a game while eating.Sometimes, when the itching got too bad, I was taking a benny pill, too. But we’re trying not to do that, ’cause it can mess up all the stuff we’re trying to make healthy. We learned that if we just cover up the problem with drugs, it will come back even worse next time.

Oh, wait! Did I tell you that Mommy is making us sauerkraut now, too? Me and Lucy love, love, love it. The kit let Mommy make two big wide-mouth jars of sauerkraut at a time. Then Daddy started scarfing it up, so she had to order another kit so she could have three fur-men-ting plus the one that we are all eating. It takes at least three weeks for the fur men to finish their work, but four weeks is better. It’s supposed to be full of probies, too. I love probies and fur men.I just got sprayed with sea salt mixed into organic apple cider vinegar. I feel better already, and am ready to take a nap in Mommy’s arm. I hope the itchy season is over soon.

I am Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess with the Itchies

38 thoughts on “Itchy

  1. Itchy season is not fun at all. Your mom is really smart to figure out the different things that might help you feel better. Hope you feel better soon. ~nose nudges Belle Pup.

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  2. Meow meow Xena mee iss sorry yore itchy-scratchy! Mee thinkss Miss Amy iss so sweet an smart to use naturelle thingss to calm yoe itchin down. An bananass are good fore you?? LadyMum offered mee a peece of banana butt mee not fancy it.
    Feel better soon mee frend.
    **paw patsss** BellaDharma

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  3. That IS super poopy! Macy and I know all about seasonal allergies. Even Molly is chewing her feet this year. Your lucky your mom is so smart and tries to find holistic remedies for you. My mom just gives us apoquel. *Ear licks* Noodle

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    1. Hi Noodle. I’m confused. Are you my cousin? My almost-brother-in-law? My brother-by-another-mother? Or just my friend? Anyhoo, your Mom is doing what the vet doctor said to help all of you. My Mommy found out, though, that apoquel is bad because even though you don’t itch any more, it just covers up the symptoms, and makes the allergies even worse next year. We don’t know yet if anything I am taking/eating will help, but hope that by next year my moon system will fight off the bad itchies. Love, your cousin/sister/almost-sister-in-law/friend, Xena


  4. sorry you are having such bad itchies. You have a wonderful mom to do so much research and try to find natural ways to help you
    Hazel & Mabel

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  5. Oh noes! I hopes all that stuffs works Xena! Itchies are terribles! I had them for a looooong time, until my vettie figured out I had a skin infection and put me on the antibiotics for a long time, butts now they are gone, and I can enjoy pets and scratches again! I gots my paws crossed that those pawsome thingies work for you!
    Ruby ♥

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    1. Oh nose! I am glad you are over that skin infection. Mommy thought of that yesterday and started defusing oregano oil into the air. It works like an antie bio tick without destroying the good stuff in my guts. Xena


  6. Oh, X, I feel ya, sweetie. I have also had some miserable itchy seasons. Once, I tried to scratch my face off. I’m fine so far, knock on wood…. Your mom has lots of good, organic, holistic ideas to help you. Those itchies had better watch out. She’s hot on their trail.

    Love and licks,

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  7. So sorry you are dealing with the itchies. My grand dog has had them and they’ve tried everything to no avail. At least she lives in Hawaii so life isn’t all bad. Hope you manage to get through them soon. I’ve never heard of dogs liking saurkraut, but you are a German breed, so why not?! Ear scritches to you and your precious sister.

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  8. We’re not doing too much itching down here this year but we have to do eye wipes every day. My eyes are even running.The dogs are getting bananas every day so they may be helping too.
    Just got my CBD oil and CBD snacks for Socrates for his horrible shaking and panting when it rains.So far nothing has worked.All that was left were pills from the Dr and I don’t want to do that. I’ll let you know if they help. Hope the itchies leave you soon Xena.
    MMMMMMM I wonder if they make a battery operated back scratcher???????
    Granny T

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  9. Hari Om
    brava to mama for her nursing care!!! You are getting the best, Xena-kutti. I might add my ten cents worth and tell you that I used to bath angel Jade in oatmeal – sort of like a beauty pack – and it helped her itching. You are already getting lots of good stuff tho’ and I sure hope your itches cease soon! hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

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