Xena at Rocktoberfest 2018

Last Saturday I kept saying, “Come on, come on, let’s go! I’ll drive!”Daddy said, “No, I’m here, little girl. You sit with your Mom and I’ll get you both there safe.” So Daddy drove up Lookout Mountain to Rocktoberfest at Rock City. On our way in, we passed by some pretty flowers, but we are going to save those pictures for Flower Friday. I also got to check out some pumpkins. I tried to carry it so Mommy could make us pumpkin pie, but she said it is easier to buy the kind growing in the can in the store.So that I didn’t get scared by the band like last year when I was only 4 months old, we found a seat down below the pavilion. This year, it didn’t scare me at all!Hey Mommy, where’s that polka music coming from? Can we go see? I think my Daddy’s up there. After we went to the pavilion and listened to the music for a while, we went ‘sploring. There are lots of trails and I found some interesting pee mail to read.It felt chilly outside, so I wore my nice sweater from last year. I hear the styles haven’t changed much, but I’m still asking Santa to bring me some new clothes this Christmas.

We walked on trails that were up high. Did you know that when you are up high, the things below you look small? Mommy discovered that I’m not afraid of heights. In fact I jumped up on a great big rock and started to climb it before anyone could stop me. No wonder the place is called Rock City!There was a steep drop off into a raving vine or something like that, so I turned around and went back to the trail. It was not because Mommy was coaxing me back to her. See, I’m not a-scared at all!

We walked around to where we could see a waterfall, as well as the people up even higher looking out over seven states. I said just get it over with and take me somewhere safer. Daddy said to cut off the top third of the picture to make it balance. Mommy said no way, she wants everyone to see all of it. You can see who won.Then we went into these dark caverns. Soon, I came upon a gnome making moonshine. Can you see him back there behind me?I found out that moonshine isn’t light from the moon. Noooo, it’s illegal whiskey, like what Daddy drinks, only his is legal. I don’t really understand the difference. But maybe that’s why the gnome is behind bars, right?You still there, Mommy? It’s getting pretty dark in here.

Then things went from pretty dark to pretty purple.

There was sparkly, purple light coming from the rocks. I thought maybe it was fairy dust, especially since we had just met a great big fairy person. I looked up and just about jumped out of my skin! A real, live fairy person! The fairy was real sweet to me and we got to be friends right away. She and Mommy knew each other. Before she was a fairy, she was a Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Yep, that Angel Lexi thing again.  We kept walking and finally came to the end of the cave (or light at the end of the tunnel?)The danger – er, I mean fun – wasn’t over yet! Mommy insisted I take a selfie under a boulder (that’s a great big rock) that was balancing on another boulder. I said if I got smooshed, it would be all her fault.I don’t look scared at all, do I?

We finally made it safe and sound back to the pavilion and my Daddy. Look, I even found my accordion from last year and couldn’t wait to play it. I hear that Lucy gets to go back this coming weekend, so maybe I can go again the last weekend of the month. We all love Rocktoberfest!

Xena Schnauzer Rocktoberfest Warrior Princess

33 thoughts on “Xena at Rocktoberfest 2018

  1. What a lovely day you had Xena! I think you are very brave. There are some steep cliffs around there. This is last years sweater? Well, knock me down and step on my face, it looks as new as if you bought it today.

    I enjoyed Rocktoberfest through your eyes Xena.


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    1. Well, we WERE on a mountainside, Miss Shoko, so of course it is steep. I felt much braver this time, since I was just a silly puppy last year. I am glad you felt like you sperienced it with me, too. And I would NEVER knock you down and step on your face! Puppy licks, Xena


  2. Xena what a special day you had……going in caverns and climbing rocks and enjoying the music. .Mom takes great pictures too, I feel like I was almost there with you. You have grown so much from just a pup to a little lady. I look forward to sharing your wonderful adventures.
    Granny T

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  3. So fun. I agree with your mama about the pumpkin in the can. I am afraid of pumpkins – especially the ones with faces. But I am not afraid of the canned pumpkin that Mom puts on my dinner. Plus I am not afraid of pumpkin pie!!

    Love and licks,

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