Fall Flower Friday with Vow Renewals

Xena: Oh boy, oh boy, I can’t wait for tomorrow. I’m so excited I don’t think I will even sleep tonight. My Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill are coming to watch Mommy and Daddy get married. 

Lucy: No, no, no! Tuesday was Mom and Dad’s 10 year wedding anniversary. They are already married, Xena the Weinah. And I’m really excited about Ella and Achilles coming with them to play with me.

Xena: Don’t call me names, Lucy Ducey. If they are already married, why are they going to get dressed up and go to the church and have a special ceremony with the priest?

Lucy: They’re getting confirmed. No wait. They’re getting, umm, oh, Xee Pee, you have me all confused now. Wait, I’ve got it! They are doing a Renewal of Vows. 

Xena: But why do their bowels need renewed, Luce the Goose? Can’t they go potty?

Lucy: No, Xena! Vows! Vows! Renewal of Wedding Vows!

Xena: Stop barking at me! Why are they doing that?

Lucy: It was Dad’s idea, and Mom thought it was very romantic, so they are having the same peeps come that were invited when they got married in their back yard 10 years ago. If Mom seems a little sad, too, it’s because Angel Lexi can’t be there this time. Mom gave me this picture to use from 10 years ago.Xena: I see Angel Lexi watching Mommy cut the cake. And that must be Angel Ivy and Angel Lily, too, in the bottom picture.

Lucy: Mom’s even going to wear the same dress. We can’t go this time, but I’ll send some of my hair with her.

Xena: Well, Mr. I Want To Marry You Achilles had better be singing a different tune this time when I see him. I hear he got his junk removed, so maybe he will leave me alone.

Anyhow, I want to do Flower Friday now, like I promised. with some flowers from Rock City’s Rocktoberfest, where I went last Saturday.I don’t know if these ferns count, since they don’t have flowers on them.

I wouldn’t sit still here, and a young guy kept laughing at Mommy trying to take a picture before I moved again.So I got stuck up here on a bale of straw next to these mums that aren’t even blooming yet. Tricky Mommy.


We want to thank Mayor Artie and the gang at LLB in Our Back Yard for hosting Flower Friday. You can visit their blog to see all the other entries. Then vote for me to win.

Lucy: There’s no voting or winning, Xena. It’s a blog hop.

Xena: I am Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess (vote for me)



30 thoughts on “Fall Flower Friday with Vow Renewals

  1. We bet today was a beautimous day filled with lots of love…and hopefully very healthy bowels! Avery Happy Anniversary to your folks!

    You saw some very pretty flowers on your Rocktoberfest trip!!
    Arty & Jakey(and Traveling Rosy)

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  2. Your shameless electioneering is better than all the robo-calls we get from clowns running for office. A pox on the politicians who exempted themselves from observing the “do not call” list.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OMD, I loves this!!! And it was such a relief to hears your peeps bowels are okays! BOL!!!! I just love your peeps wedding pics! So beautifuls!!! I bets it’s gonna be just as beautifuls the second time! I hopes the guests take lots of pics, cause that would be FABulous to see them.
    Ruby ♥
    pees: I voted for you! heheheee

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  4. Meow meow Lucy mee herd ’bout mee angle Unccel Dharth Henry havin a crush on you butt steppin aside so you an Achilles cuud get to know one another butt it seemss hee went fore Xena….maybe now Achilless will see you with mew eyess…..
    An if Achilless gets inn-terested inn you Lucy then you Xena will not bee pess-tered by Achilles…that iss a win-win rite??
    An how furry rowmantical that Miss Amy an Mistur Hubby ree-mew their vowss!!! Have a fun ree-weddin!!!
    **purrsss** BellaDharma an {{{hugs}}} LadyMummy

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  5. You have a super Mom and Dad Xena and Lucy. Their love of animals, their adventures, the special things they do for each other and renewing their vows…….What a happy day tomorrow will be for the whole family. Tell them we want pictures!
    Granny T

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