Lucy and Ella at Rocktoberfest

Hi friends! My bestie, Ella, met me at Rocktoberfest, and before we could hang out, she had to do a photo op with Rocky the Elf. Then we had a great time together!We watched Mom and Dad polka and we watched Auntie Jen and Dad polka and we watched Mom and Uncle Bill try to polka, BOL! Talk about a total failure!Mom and Dad doing the polka.

We hung out like the best buds that we are. Together, we people-watched.We listened to the band and watched peeps learn to do the Chicken Dance. Of course the peeps had to have their fun with us, too.








Even Achilles wasn’t exempt from humiliation.  I found out that this was his first time to go anywhere away from home (he’s 4, but was recently adopted by my Uncle and Auntie), so he was a bit freaked. I think that’s why he snapped at me every time I sneaked a kiss on his mouth.

After we got done laughing at Achilles in his silly hat, Ella told me to cool it with Achilles. She said they have been making out, and he’s a good kisser. She said we could all be BFF’s, though. I said I was good with that(he, he, yeah, sure, right).Achilles was so into me that he laid with his back right up against me until his folks took him to the other end of the pavilion.Ella, stop giving your Dad the stink eye. They’re just getting a funny picture drawn…they’ll be back, and Mom’s here with us.Look, there’s the nice man who was petting us earlier. Doesn’t he look silly doing the Chicken Dance?

It was finally time for Ella and Achilles to go home with Mom and Auntie Jen so they could get ready for the Vow Renewal Saturday night. I stayed with Uncle Bill and Dad until Dad got off work. I guess it doesn’t take guys as long to get ready as it does the ladies, BOL!

I’ve gotta go get some pictures ready from the church part of the night. Come back tomorrow, please. Or, as they say, to be continued…

Love and wiggles, Lucy

21 thoughts on “Lucy and Ella at Rocktoberfest

  1. OMD, HOW FUNS!!!!! I loves to peep watch! Okays, so I MIGHT tend to bark at furst, butts then I just sit and watch and hopes someone brings me a cookie! anyhu, looks like you guys had a most FABulous time! And it looks like your peeps had tons of funs dancin’ and stuffs too!
    I can’t waits to see the pics of the big day!
    Ruby ♥

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    1. Thankfully we only had to wear the wigs long enough for the peeps to get their jollies taking pictures. Mom says I am truly a pack animal. All I know is that I had a wonderful day! Lucy


  2. we love love love that event! and you were realle there, how great is that? we are happy for achilles, to do something the furst time is always special , but he was a super guest at the rocktoberfest and I’m sure next year he will join you again ;O)

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