Fall Flower Friday

Lucy: Mom played supermom and removed old stumps and roots from dead bushes by pushing them out of the ground with her feet. How? Glad you asked. She put her back against the house and pushed with her supermom legs. (When she gets determined, stay out of her way!) She bought bags and bags of new pine mulch and dumped it all over the ground in front of the house. Then, after researching the 3 season azalea bushes on-line, she picked out an Encore Azalea at a plant nursery. She dug and scraped and dug some more and finally got it planted in front of the house, right where she wanted it. I told her to quick, get some pictures, ’cause we all know what happens to most of the stuff she plants, BOL!  Don’t you think the color goes pretty with my furs? 

Xena: Mommy also got a mum. (He, he, I think that is really funny…Mom got a mum.) First, she set it on top of her new mulch, but we live on a hill, so no one could see her pretty flowers from down at the road. So she found an old plastic white table to set them on. She spray-painted a plastic chair Tennessee Vols orange to add even more color to the front of the house and to make the crazy college football people in the neighborhood like her. It was nice to sit in the orange chair and…smell the roses mums.

Be sure to drop by LLB in Our Back Yard to join in the blog hop or just look at more pretty flowers!

Love and wiggles from Lucy and Xena Warrior Princess.


27 thoughts on “Fall Flower Friday

    1. He, he, that’s funny. Mommy always used black mulch, but when she “read up” on azaleas, it said to use pine around them, so she switched. And she hadn’t put down new mulch since long before Lucy, so the old stuff was mostly gone anyhow. xox Xena


    1. Mom says the real test on the azalea is to see if it is still alive next spring! And if it is a tree stump, just poor buttermilk into the middle of it to help it to finish rotting. But a shrub stump, sure! xox Lucy

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        1. Two houses ago there were a lot of azaleas there when I moved in and were still thrving when I moved out 4 years later. (I don’t know why.) This one is already not looking the best, but hoping it is just starting to go to sleep for the winter. I never heard of them being houseplants! They get way too big here (think small bush).

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    1. I’m sure Mom would have used a sledge hammer too if she could have found one! She says where there’s a will there’s a way, but I think someone else said that first. I know us pups believe that. 🙂 Lucy


  1. Now I feel guilty for not putting in any flowers. I’ll go out today and get a couple of flats of pansies. Their edible so I don’t have to worry about the puppies grabbing and running off with them.
    Flowers and doggy pictures always make me smile. Thank you Xena and Lucy
    Granny T

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