Last Day of Rocktoberfest

Sunday was the last day of Rocktoberfest 2018 and it was my turn to go! It was a different band, and they were fun to listen to. Come on, Mommy, let’s go ‘sploring!So Mommy helped me off with my sweater, since the day was warming up, and I went on a long walk through the Fat Man’s Squeeze and caverns and magical places. (And I wasn’t a-scared at all!) We didn’t see any fairies this time, even though I checked in all the places they might hide.



Nope, nothing up there but my shadow. Hi, shadow!







These rocks were much too slippery to try to explore.









Oooh, it looks like jewels up on the rocks. Maybe there are fairies here!






Are we lost, Mommy? I heard something behind us. Oh look, directions, sorta’. Now let’s see if we can find any gnomes.We only found Ik, and he’s not a gnome. I turned and headed back to the pavilion to find my Daddy. I could hear him teaching polka, so I followed the sound of his voice. When we got back, I got my very own sauerkraut, and then I ate half a nice lady’s sauerkraut, too. (She said it was ok, she was done with it.) A few minutes later I gave them back their sauerkraut, as well as a bonus of some of chicken innards from my breakfast, too. Mommy had to find someone to help clean up the mess.Before the day was over Daddy grabbed Mommy to dance a swing and a foxtrot. The guy who played the elk horn and the ringy dingy bells came over to make me stop barking pet me while I watched, tied to a bench.  I just wanted to dance, too!

So that was the end of the fun at Rocktoberfest 2018. We all hope you enjoyed hearing about it. Goodbye, dear October. We’ll enjoy you again next year.

Xena the Rocktoberfest Barfing Schnauzer Warrior Princess


16 thoughts on “Last Day of Rocktoberfest

    1. Oh no, I hadn ‘t thought about that. He did wave his hand at me and laugh. *shudder* (Mommy still thinks I ate too much and I have never had the hard seeds that were in them before.) (But I think you are right, YAM-Aunty! Cuddles and little licks, Xena

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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed your adventures at Rocktoberfest this year, Too bad about the sauerkraut but those things can happen.You are very brave to eat it. The gang here are into bananas now.. Pretty soon they will be swinging from the paddle fans. Even the puppies are loving them. Too bad your not closer they would love to play with a big sister.
    Granny T

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    1. Hi Granny! Me and Lucy eat bananas with Mommy every single day! Don’t worry, we haven’t started swinging from anything yet, either. Mommy keeps saying she is going to drive down with me for the day, but she obviously hasn’t done it yet. I will bark at her about it. ❤ Xena


    1. The Big fairy lady was there, but she was the wrong one, not the one that knew Angel Lexi. Hmm, I can’t think of anything to wish for that I don’t already have. Except maybe more walkies. And more treats. And, um, I’ll think about that, boys. ❤ Xena


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