Blogville Christmas Card List

Kismet is helping out her folks with getting everyone signed up to send and receive Holiday cards this year. Please check out her blog for information. You’ll have a choice of signing up to receive cards via email or post or either. Be sure to put one of those 3 words in your subject line when you sign up.

Since this wasn’t an expected post, the pups are asking me if they have to do something interesting for me to show everyone. No girls,  you’re off the hook today. Instead…(This has Xena and Lucy written all over it!)

REMINDER: The adults in our household already voted in the U.S. midterm election. If you haven’t (and you are a U.S. Citizen) be sure to get out to the polls early this Tuesday!)


12 thoughts on “Blogville Christmas Card List

  1. Today’s the big day; hopefully the results will be acceptable. Thanks for spreading the word on the howliday greeting card exchange. And your photo with Xena and Lucy ‘written all over it’ made me smile at the delightful shenanigans those two can create. ❤️

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  2. You knows I signed up!!! It is super funs to gets all the cards! I always beat Ma at the card count! BOL!!!
    And Ma already voted! She has voted in every election since she was 18! (that’s like when they had to use a chisel and stone!) Today one of the candidates for our district came and did a door knock! It just happened that it was the guy Ma voted for ☺. Butts that hasn’t happened in FOREVER! So she was pleasantly surprised, and happy she made the right choice. Anyhu, every vote matters and everyone should do it!! they make it easy peasy with vote by mail, so I thinks there is no excuse.
    Ruby ♥

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    1. The same comment about the commercials was made in Sunday school this morning. Someone replied that it would only start back up right away for the presidential election in 2 years! (I just don’t watch TV except for Netflix.)

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