Little Invaders

Lucy: Chaz is a toy terriorist Yorkie. His sister Chloe is a miniature Yorkie. They have been coming to Mom to be groomed for quite some time now.  This, however, was the first time they came to stay overnight. Oh, boy, a slumber party!  First, though, there was the grooming.

Chaz after groom

Both me and Xena did a meet and greet with Chaz. He is a nice boy. After I explained to him that even though I am a lot bigger than him, I would never hurt him, he wasn’t afraid of me. I wondered why he was wearing that green thing around his middle, then I saw  him lifting his leg to pee on all our furniture and I knew why!Then it was Xena’s turn.Xena: Yep, I ‘splained to him face-to-face, eyeball-to-eyeball that I was bigger, too, and if he wanted to run, I would be glad to chase him. So he ran and I chased and Lucy followed us both all over the house. I don’t know why Mommy kept yelling at me to stop. I was having a ton of fun!

Lucy: Then there was Chloe. First she snapped at us, then stayed in her kennel the rest of the time. Mom dragged her out a couple of times to go potty, but she wouldn’t do her bizness. All she wanted was to go back in her kennel. Mom put her food and water in there, too, but she wouldn’t eat, either.

Chaz made up pretty quickly with Dad. Look, they both have the same expression on their faces!Dad was a bit skeptical about holding Chaz while playing word games with Mom.But then Chaz helped him win. Mom said, “No fair!” but Chaz and Dad just laughed. They got to be such good friends that at bedtime Chaz slept on Dad’s pillow, right next to his head. Chloe was invited too, but she still wouldn’t come out of her kennel, and growled every time Xena walked past.

When their folks came to pick them up, they said that Chloe was always like that when they left her, no matter where she stayed. She wouldn’t even eat treats. Can you imagine!?Xena: I hear they are coming back real soon. Maybe we can play the chase game again, Lucy Ducey.

Lucy: *sigh* I’d better watch out the window for them to warn them of your plans, Xena.

This is Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess waiting for our Little Visitors to return.

27 thoughts on “Little Invaders

  1. Chaplin: “That game of chase sounds like a lot of fun! I like to play chase with Charlee, too!”
    Charlee: “Yes, I like to play chase with you too, Chaplin, but sometimes you get carried away and forget I’m smaller than you, and also a princess.”
    Chaplin: “Carried away? Me? And if you’re a princess, I must be a prince, right?”
    Charlee: “No.”
    Chaplin: “Well anyway it sounds like that was a fun sleepover and that Chaz and your dad made a great team. It’s always good to have a ringer on your side!”

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  2. Thank you Zena and Lucy for allowing Chaz and Chloe to come over and spend the night and have fun with you. you have got a very good mommy and daddy and it was a hoot reading these comments about my little fur-babies yes Chaz is a little man and he is also a brown Noser, my little girl Chloe she has separation anxiety issues they both are sweet babies so thank you guys for allowing my little guys To come over and spend the night, will have to do that soon again thank you Xena and Lucy

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  3. Oh dear Chaz is a marker of territory, good thing for you he wears his own protection. You do a great job of grooming them.
    Your friend
    Sweet William The Scot

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  4. You really have to be on guard with those toy female yorkies .They take no prisoners. Ms Molly (3,5 ounces) the Door protector, would try to pluck my dogs eyes out. She made alien noises too. It took me 7 years to train her to only scream at people while she led them to the cookie jar.. Chaz sounds like fun though. Puppy sitting should be fun for for Lucy, Xena and Chaz.
    Good Luck Granny T

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    1. Was Molly the Yorkie I met when I got Xena? Chloe is a miniature, and I never knew she had an “I will eat you” side to her until I tried to get her out of that kennel. She is docile on the groom table. Unfortunately for her, I worked at a vet and know ways of not getting bit! Amy


    1. Mom had pad thingies she could take out of the band when Chaz pee pee’d in it and replace with clean ones that stuck to the inside of the band. Umm, I think she went through a lot of them. (It made me laugh that he thought he was “marking his territory” all over the house, when he was just wetting his pants!) ~Xena

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