Nature Friday Failure

Lucy: Remember when I said we had better get pictures of these flowers that Mom planted before they died? This is the azalea bush. Or what’s left of it.Xena: Let me take a look, too, Lucy. Oh yeah, remember when it was first planted, and the blooms looked like this? When we passed the dying plant on our way to take our walk last night, I heard Mommy say that she hopes it will come back nice in the spring.

Lucy: Then I heard Dad sort of snort-laugh, real quiet-like so she didn’t know he was laughing at her.

Xena: Hmm, I better check out Mommy’s Mum *chuckle*. Uh, oh, it’s as wilted as my leg hairs after playing in the wet grass. I think she’s going to plant it in the back yard with the cactus that never die and hope that it blooms again next fall.

Do you want to go around the side and check out the pansies?

Lucy: Nah, I already did, and they’re gonners too. Good thing she’s better with us dogs than she is with the plants.

Xena and Lucy: It’s November, and we’re thankful that Mom helps us stay alive and healthy and that we aren’t her plants.

Please join Mayor Arty now for The World’s First Blogville’s Nature Friday!

Your friends, Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

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