The Christmas Monster and Grod

Xena: Daddy and brother Adam put up a big thing that looks like a tree right in the house! Xena: Lucy was scared, but I wasn’t scared at all!

Lucy: It looked like a tree, but it didn’t smell like a tree. Then Mom put all these lights and other stuff on it, so it didn’t really even look like a tree any more. I still don’t know what it is.

Xena: So what did it look like, Lucy?

Lucy: *whispers* A giant monster.

Xena: Well, sitting in front of the monster got us treats, so it couldn’t be all bad. Am I right? Then Mommy found some fun stuff in the plastic  bins.This is the Christmas gorilla. I think I will name him Grod, like on our favorite Netflix show, The Flash. Only our Grod will be a nice ape.I promise I won’t hurt Grod, Mommy.  Can I keep  him? He’s my new friend, and I’m not afraid of him.

I am Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess and Keeper of Grod.

I am Lucy and I’m staying in the other room away from the giant monster.

32 thoughts on “The Christmas Monster and Grod

  1. I had to come here to meet Grod and he is so cute as are the two of you in front of the monster tree. I can see dear Lucy, that you feel about the camera the same as I do. Love, Big Boy

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    1. Oh the camera is OK, I’m used to it. It was having to stay in front of the monster tree that had me freaked. I guess you’d better get used to the camera, ’cause if your mom is anything like my mom, it’s going to be pointed at you a lot! Love and wiggles, Lucy

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  2. Charlee: “Whoo, we’ve seen a lot of these trees lately but that one looks really tall!”
    Chaplin: “Race you to the top, Charlee!”
    Charlee: “Well we can’t climb it, Chaplin. It’s not here. And the fact that you said that might have something to do with why we don’t have one.”
    Chaplin: “I have no idea what you mean.”
    Charlee: “Anyway, your new ape friend Grod looks very sweet, Xena! And Lucy, keeping a safe distance is always sensible. Just in case they’re Christmas trees like from that one episode of Doctor Who.”
    Chaplin: “Have you been watching Doctor Who without me?!”

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  3. MOL Xena you make THE most xotick frendss! Grod THE Gorilla lookss purry kewl inn hiss Kissmas cap an if you like him then mee sayss ‘pawtastick’!!! Mee has a wee stuffed monk-key named Kapi who mee sleepss with…..
    An Lucy mee can see yore not happy ’bout tHE tree; it doess look like a spakley monster butt THE tree iss NOT a monster….it will just stand there an twinkell a lot…nothin to wurry ’bout! Purromise!
    ***nose kissesss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Egg-zotic is right, BellaDharma. And we get eggs with our brekkies every morning, too! Te, he, he. Xena
      I’ve gotten used to the thing they call a Christmas Tree. The winkling lights are even kinda pretty. Thanks for the encouragement, my sweet kitty friend. *licks* Lucy

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      1. Mee tried sum eggie today butt mee not like it much Xena…must bee an ack-quired taste purrhapss??? MOL/BOL!!
        An Lucy mee mew with time you wuud like THE Kissmas tree….wish mee has one here….butt mee wuud climm it an give LadyMew kitty-fitss so maybe iss gudd wee do not have one 😉
        ***nose kissesss*** BellaDharma

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  4. Oh!!! Lookie at your beautiful tree!!!! Don’t worries, I thinks you’ll gets used to it Lucy, and find all kinds of fun thingies get put under it!! I loves your Grod Xena! Yes, the Grod in The Flash isn’t too nice, butts your Grod looks cuddly…maybe? let us know…
    Ruby ♥

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  5. Lucy, I totally understand wanting to stay away from the monster tree. My sister Kitty who shares your name climbs right up and sits in our monster tree and I don’t understand that at all. By the way the gorilla Santa is pretty cool. ~ Linus Kitty

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  6. You are very smart, L. Once the tree and the bins are up and out, it’s just a matter of time before you’re wearing antlers and strings of lights. Yes, it’s been done-to-death, but parents can’t stop themselves.

    Love and licks,

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  7. I just love this post. mama and dad will keep you safe from that monster, and the two of you by the tree is just so sweet. I read your story Lucy, and I am so glad you were rescued and KEPT and sorry your lost your Riley, but you do have Xena the warrior princess.. tell mama to read Jakes story on Fourpaws… it is so much like yours. her heart will hurt when she sees how we found Jake.

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    1. Mom just read Jake’s story, Miss Sandra, and she is crying. She said to tell you that my story isn’t nearly at all as bad as Jake’s: I was healthy and well-fed. XOX Lucy Pee S. I’m glad you like our picture.


  8. Oh I LUFFS Mr Grod, he looks a pawfect snuggle bunny…no, that’s not right …snuggle ape….no that doesn’t work either *sigh* Okay, I’ll wait in the other room with Lucy, this is all too confusing fur me!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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  9. Hari Om
    Yikes, that’s a mighty big tree – I can understand why it gave you heebie-jeebies Lucy! However, Xena, I am impressed with your courage around that thing and also with your adoption of Grod. He is rather a handsome fella! hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

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    1. Hi YAM-Auntie! Little warriors like me have to be brave, especially when our Mommies aren’t around to hold us. (I’m cuddled up in her lap right now like I do every morning. 🙂 )


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