Nature Friday Walk at the Greenway

Hi Friends. This story for Nature Friday is from a walk we took the first Sunday in December. The days leading up to it were very rainy and dreary, and no one would take us for a good walk. OK, so we got to go for a short neighborhood walk one day, but there was no one else out to say hi! Slowly, the weather started to warm up from the 30’s to the 50’s F (-10’s to 10’s C) and then Sunday the sky was a clear blue with temperatures in the mid 70’sF (24’sC).  Mom helped me with the temperature conversion with a new app she downloaded ’cause her old app disappeared when her old phone got dropped in the t…. Oops, Mom is making the cutting motion across her throat so you can just use your imagination as to why she had to break the bank to get a new phone.

Anyhow, that’s why we finally get to participate again in Nature Friday hosted by  Rosy at LLB in Our Backyard

Mom had been complaining nicely telling Dad that he needed to spend more time with her, so when she asked him to go with us for exercise a nice walk at the greenway, Dad –being the smart man he is — said, “Let’s go!” It’s at the same place as the dog park, so I knew right where we were.  Most of the leaves were off the trees and provided a soft walkway for our feet. The trail smelled so good, like squirrels and other dogs!

The trail ran right along South Chickamauga Creek. The creek is usually small enough to wade across (not that Mom ever has let us do that) but that Sunday — after all the hard rain — it looked more like a river.You can see the creek behind us. It was flowing pretty fast, so we stayed on the trail (mostly). There were ginormous puddles on the trail, too, from last week’s rains, and Mom and Xena kept exploring other ways around the trails while Dad plodded along the edge with me.There were some really beautiful areas — at least from Mom’s perspective. Me and Xena mostly had our noses down.  Xena and Mom were following me and Dad, trying to keep up, and Xena kept pulling on her leash. Me and Dad knew this because we walked to a chorus of “Xena, walk pretty,” and “Xena, walk with me,” and “Xena!!” I told Dad we should just lose them so we didn’t have to listen to it, but he said that wouldn’t be nice,” and “Try to be patient.”

We found an old, abandoned two-room cabin with a tin roof, and Mom sat a spell on one of the big wooden rockers on the porch facing the raging creek. There were only two “rooms” with an outdoors area to cook, all very rugged. The “windows” looked like they had been cut out later with no sign of any way to insert glass or screening, and the only door was gone. Mom had decided to take a picture on our way back by, not knowing we would end up at the end of a loop and not need to retrace our steps. Dad walked around evaluating the structure, trying to figure out when it was built. He found modern nails and things called 2 by 4’s that made him decide it was built probably around 1960 and left to ruin when the previous owner of the land donated it all for the South Chickamauga Greenway.

The temperature had risen by about 10 degrees and Mom and Dad were wearing their jackets tied around their waists as we walked back into civilization at the end of a sock-shaped trail. Can you believe it was in the mid-70’s (20’s C) in December?!

We had walked for over an hour and Xena and I, after getting our paws thoroughly wiped,  were very quiet in the back seat of the car on the way home. As soon as we got out of the car Mom threw Xena in the groom tub and washed the dirt and mud off of her until the water ran clear. Between the exercise and the warmth of the sun, we were all sleepy and and jumped – or fell – into the big bed and took a good afternoon nap.

Love and wiggles, Lucy.

35 thoughts on “Nature Friday Walk at the Greenway

  1. this post is almost as much fun as your walk was for the four of you… I am taking OFF but saw this and ad to comment. Big Boy is waiting on his human brother to get her, so am I. I loved the walk through the woods and enjoyed sitting with mom on the front porch. would love to see the cabin, I have a thing for log cabins, so does Big boys daddy

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    1. Thanks, Miss Sandra. Mom said I did an extra-good job on this one. She also promised to take us to walk the same trail again, and then she will take pictures of the cabin to post. 🙂 ~Lucy


  2. What a furabuluss Autumm walk you tooked Lucy an xena an Miss Amy an PawPaw!It ISS still Autumm til THE 21st rite?? Iss so cold here mee just sit inn front of THE open patio door sniffin THE air an purrtendin mee iss outside!
    **purrsss** BellaDharma

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  3. Now that sounds like a lovely and interesting walk! That chorus sounds familiar, and we think we know where your Mom dropped her phone….since that has happened to this Mom more than once!!

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  4. Hari Om
    my but that looks like a wonderfurs place to explore! I am always intrigued by abandoned buildings and am impressed that you managed to get such a long walk without getting rained on. Not like here… hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

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