Xena Groomed

I had been wondering when I would get groomed again. I knew I was way overdue. My back hairs stood up like a crazy clown’s hair when they were rubbed the wrong way. My hair does need to be kept pretty as befits a princess, even a warrior princess, right?Are we done? No bath today? Woo hoo!

Will I do a nice pose next to all of my hair that is no longer on my body?

How’s that? Do I get a cookie now?One more, and look a little more interested?

Geesh, how interested can I be in old hair that I can’t even eat?Hey everyone, look at all my hair on the table! I am so interested in what you think! Can I have a cookie now, Mommy?Hey Daddy can I get a glass of that special stuff in the schnauzer bottle? Maybe just a little? As compensation for being groomed? No? Another cookie, then?

I am Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess, always campaigning for the good things in life.

38 thoughts on “Xena Groomed

  1. I need you to train Big Boy for a bath. he weighs 4 times more than you do and cannot be picked up and refuses a bath. I mean totally refuses. you look absoutley adorable in all your poses..

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    1. Mommy trained Lucy to jump in the bathtub, and Lucy doesn’t like a bath either. Mommy says try tempting him in with something called a “high quality treat,” like chicken or beef. Then hang on tight!! Xena


  2. OMD, lookie at you gurl!!! You look FABulous!!!!
    Ma said I am gettin’ the water torture this weekend, and the furcut next week!!! HELP!!!!
    It would be fine if I could have a glass of your Daddy’s drinkie….hehehee
    Ruby ♥

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  3. You look pretty as picture just in time for Santa. Are you going to leave cookies and carrots for Santa and the reindeer? (there’s always leftovers for you and Lucy) Ho Ho Ho
    Granny T

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      1. That explains the traditional grooming fro schnauzers! (Perhaps the side poofs on Persian kitties’ faces serve a similar purpose! I’ll have to ask the kitty boys’ groomer next time I see her.)


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