When The Mom Leaves

Xena: Hey Lucy, don’t you wonder what’s in all these bags that Mommy put under the tree? 

Lucy: Um, now that you mention it, I guess I do. Some of them smell good. Hey Xena, look, Dad left the door to the downstairs open while Mom is gone.

a short while later…

Dad: Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, what are you doing?

Lucy: Amph, s mn, ood. 

Dad: Spit it all out, girl. That’s not whatever you think it is. No, no, don’t chew faster, spit it out!

Dad: Lucy, where’s Xena?

Lucy: (with a foaming mouth) I on’t know.

Another short while later Mom arrives home.

Mom: Xena, what did you do!Xena: Uh, I came down looking for you, Mommy, and, umm, a little piece of something was sticking up, and, and, I thought maybe it was food, er, I mean, I wanted to clean the carpet for you Mommy, and..

back upstairs…What happened to all the pressies? 

This is Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess with only Grodd under the tree.

36 thoughts on “When The Mom Leaves

  1. BOL!! Ummm…That was Mama, we’re sorry about that., Mamasaid she had to laugh because things like that happen around here when Mama leaves us home alone with Daddy too.

    Daddy’s tend to think all their doggies are little angels…which we are of course ;-).
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

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    1. I guess it’s good to know we’re not the only ones. Daddy shuts his office door because we go in every 5 minutes to tell him something or to ask him for something. Mom says we’re like little kids and he has to keep an eye on us. XOX. Xena and Lucy


  2. Oh mye you both sure DID unwrap a bunch of trubbell didn’t you Lucy an Xena…mee hopess neether of you gotted sick from THE soap that wanted to bee fudge!!!
    Lookss like yore PawPaw will bee ‘on duty’ til Kssmas!!! Mew mew mew…
    ~~head rubsss~~ BellaDharma~~

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      1. Meow meow Lucy you were furry LUCKY to not get sick!! Sum of them soaps can reelly make a poochie or kitty furry sick. Mee iss so reeleeved yore OKay an not inn a lot of troubell 😉
        An maybee ree-deckoratin NOT such a good idea Xena…
        Maybee see if Miss Amy will give you sum tisshue papurr to shred an play with? LadyMew does fore mee an it iss such fun!!!!

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        1. It was special soap made with essential oils, so maybe that’s why I didn’t get sick. Now Mom put a new note on the soap saying it is from me and I taste tested it, BOL. Lucy
          Hi Miss BellaDharma. I asked Mommy about the tissue paper like you said, and she said, “No,” that it would be like giving a dog a shoe to chew on. Then they would always think any shoe (or tissue paper) was ok to tear apart. And I can’t win when Mommy says, “No.” ~Xena

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          1. Meow meow Lucy that iss guud THE soap not make you sick!!! An now you have taste tested soap iss sorta funny rite??? 😉
            An Xena yore Miss Amy iss rite…LadyMew has leerned that any papurr whether tisshue; rappin; mewspapurr or flyerss are mine all mine to rip an shred!!!! Mew mew mew…..wee are Sisturss of THE Papurrss!!!
            ***nose rubsss*** BellaDharma xXx

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  3. I just got a lovely Christmas card from Sophie’s Mom. It has a beautiful Christmas tree with all the presents under it…………and a 3 foot white puppy playpen around it. Guess curiosity runs in the family. There must be a book on how to stay one step ahead of the family pet, I haven’t found it yet but if I do I’ll let you know.
    Granny T

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  4. We are trying hard not to laugh, and I assume there were no bad side effects except foaming at the mouth like Cujo did… you could always blame it on Dad for leaving the door open or mom for putting the pressie under the tree and also for scened soap, I mean who would not eat it??? I sure would. love you lots and 💋 kiss kiss, on your soapy lips, your Man Big Boy

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    1. Nope, nothing else happened except all the presents suddenly disappeared. The essential oils soap tasted yummy, I bet you would have liked the taste on my lips, my handsome Big Boy. Licky kisses back to you. Your honey, Lucy


  5. I see you get to enjoy an occasional “oops!”, courtesy of a curious pup. KI live with destroyed furniture, something I accept (now) as part of the payment for accepting two kittten brothers before I knew anything about raising well-behaved kittens! (I bought the KITTENS FOR DUMMIES too late to prevent some naughty behaviors….) Anyway, have a wonderful and blessed Christmas! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog this past year!

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