I’m Getting Sea Rum

Mommy got a job. I liked it better when she was home with me all day. I slept in her lap a lot! Now Mommy is working at another church, uh, I mean a synagogue. I think that’s right. Anyhow, it’s another place where God lives.

Lucy: Grodd lives here with us.

Good grief, Lucy, I said God, not Grodd. Anyhow, I grodd — dang, I meant got. I got to go to the synagogue with Mommy last week. Everyone came in Mommy’s office to meet me and pet me and tell me how sweet and pretty I am. One lady even said that I had leg hairs like the big Clydesdale horses! Mommy was real busy keeping me under control working, and she forgot to take any pictures. I even got to go to the staff meeting because I threw a fit when she left me alone in the office across the hall, where Mommy made me stay on her lap and everybody ignored me.

We left work early and went up the road a short piece to the special vet’s where I had gone two weeks ago. He is called an allergist, and I heard he comes here to Chattanooga from the Knoxville Veterinary school at UTK. That’s where really good animal dogtors teach students how to be animal dogtors. He is supposed to be very special, or maybe on a special list.

I really didn’t know why I was there, but I should have guessed it wasn’t for anything good when Mommy lost the battle about holding me for something that was about to happen. She had to wait in the lobby while they whisked me into the inner bowels of the building. I remained brave. I didn’t even flinch when they cruelly stuck a needle in my arm. The next thing I knew, the world kinda’ started spinning. Then everything got peaceful, and I didn’t care what was happening. I heard the sound of clippers, like what Mommy uses to groom me, before I felt little pricks, but it didn’t bother me at all.

Before long, they gave me a shot and the world started coming back into focus. The nice nurse, Noah, wrapped me up in a fluffy towel and brought me out to Mommy. Mommy held me and talked sweet to me, but I was kind of a little bit mad at her for not saying, “No,” like she does when the vet places want to shove the glass stick up my patootie. I wouldn’t even look at her. I kept growling, but the growls all faded out into pitiful whimpers. Finally, I let my anal glands empty on her arm.  I thought I heard Angel Lexi coaching me on that one.

I  wanted Daddy to hold me when we got home. I feel safe in his arms.Nurse Noah gave Mommy a paper showing what I tested positive to.  I am allergic to 17 of the things they tested me for, ranging from different trees and grasses to fleas and house mold. Nurse Noah is going to make my sea rum on Monday and mail it to me. I sure hope it tastes good!

Xena, the Polka Dot Schnauzer Warrior Princess


38 thoughts on “I’m Getting Sea Rum

  1. Ooooo. Mommy has had one of those tests before. Her arm swelled something awful and boy did it itch. Hoping you recover swiftly in your Daddy’s arms

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  2. Mama says she can’t wait to see how your Sea Rum works….We sure hope it stops your itchies…Mama would love to find something that might work for Arty, even if he has to be a pin cushion for a little while.
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

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    1. The special dogtor said I might be cured in 2 years. But that we should know in a couple of months how the sea rum is working. He said, and it is in the paperwork, NEVER do steroids or ape quills. Hmm, I didn’t know apes had quills. Xena (Xena means apoquel)


  3. Mazel Tov an concatss Miss Amy on getting a mew job at a Synagogue!! Furabuluss mewss! Xena did you get to wear a Yummyka (Yarmulke)??
    Maybee next time you go ask fore a Dreidl (spinnin top); they are furry kewl to play with.

    OMC you sure had a weered xperience at THE VET allergee place…no wunder you sorta had an accident…LadyMew said angel aunty Nylablue cuud do that too….
    Mee just ree-leeved yore home an safe. An Sea Rum soundss GUUD to mee!! 😉
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ an ❤ BellaDharma~~~

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  4. at first sight I thought my girl friend might be going to get drunk on sea rum, then I read all the details and I am feeling so sorry for the warrior princess having to get all those sticks in her tummy… be sure to tell us how the sea rum will be used… tell your sister Lucy, I am glad she isn’t getting drunk.. Your BF Big Boy

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    1. Thanks, BB. No, Lucy is almost 3 years old and she still isn’t allowed to drink the “good stuff.” It must have to be prescribed by the doctor to be allowed to drink it. I will be sure to tell Lucy what you said. You little BFF, Xena

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  5. Oh Xena, you brave brave girl. You rock those polka dots! Dads just make everything better don’t they. We sure hope the serum helps your allergies. ~ Bessie Pup

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  6. Hari Om
    OMD Xena, this gave me flashbacks some forty plus years when I had all those pinpricks (22 of them and reacted to 18!!!) It was to determine the trigger for my asthma. I sure hope your sea rum does the necessary. I had to have three years of monthly shots and my arm has never been the same since! (it did work and held for about twenty years…) hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

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