Grooming with Mom – Christmas Puppies

Today I, Lucy Ace Reporter, bring you a fun episode of Grooming with Mommy. You may remember Louis and Laila, proud three time parents. They came to get groomed, like usual. What wasn’t usual was that after they were finished, their Mom brought their last three puppies that hadn’t gone to new homes yet. They are 12 weeks old, and all are little boys. Mom asked me to come downstairs to help her.This little guy was first up, and he was really terrified. I gave him some thoughts of confidence that no one was going to hurt him, and to just relax. He listened to me, and while we passed thoughts back and forth Mom was able to hold him in her lap to finish cutting his nails. He is to be a Christmas present from a fire fighter in Georgia for his little girl. The puppy promised me that he would be a good boy for her.

I checked on the other boys in the kennel to be sure they were doing ok. The one with hair like his daddy growled at me. If you look hard, you can see my tail wagging, ’cause this little guy fussing at a big girl like me made me laugh.

The other two boys were much easier, and I didn’t really have to do anything else. Even so, I stayed just in case Mom needed me again. Besides, their Mom came back and pet me a lot while she told me how beautiful I am. I think I made her feel good, too!Mom said, “Sit,” and we all sat. The growler (he, he) is up front. He is the only one with a single coat (that means no undercoat), like his Dad. The one that I helped with is in the middle, all groomed and ready to go make a little girl happy. Mom’s favorite is the one in the back. Just looking in his face, we could tell he is smart. He’s really good-natured too, and has a thick coat. He’s in the middle in the next picture.Mom said me and Xena are enough for this home, so I won’t get to raise a baby brother.

Love and wiggles from Lucy, Ace Reporter and Doggie Therapist

30 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom – Christmas Puppies

  1. Lucy, I think that is the best picture I have ever seen of you. Sitting there with those 3 pups you like a proud teacher presenting your young class to the world. Bravo sweet Lucy, job well done.
    Granny T

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