Friday Food for Thought

Tilapia or Bacon: Which is Worse?

Hi friends. Lucy here. You might remember I was in a quandary about what my job would be, since church dog and dog groomer didn’t quite work out.  In case you haven’t noticed, I have decided to be a reporter, specifically working the groom beat. Now I am adding the Friday Food for Thought beat to my job, giving Mom more time to groom and eat and other stuff.

In today’s edition of Friday Food for Thought, we will look at Bad Fish. They might have been very good fish when they were alive, but dead they are ready and waiting to poison you with everything from chicken poop to pesticides and antie bio ticks.  I think it’s fun to read stuff with pictures, so take a gander at this!

Go here to read the whole article, with info on what fish are safe, why shrimp are the worst possible fish to eat, and how to be smart when ordering or buying fish in stores and restaurants.

I hope you liked my first edition of Food for Thought. (I know Mom’s done this before, but it is my first time.)

Love and Wiggles from Ace Reporter Lucy on the Food beat.

27 thoughts on “Friday Food for Thought

  1. Canine-grats on the new job, Lucy. 💖 I wondered about tilapia and tried it once. Blech. Worst fish I’ve ever eaten. But I hear it’s amazing as a treatment for burn victims and know they’ve successfully used it on many critter casualties in the California wildfires.

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  2. Oh Lucy,
    What perfect timing you have (and great reporting skills too) I just got back from the store and brought home a can of sardines in soy oil for the dogs! The lady that recommended them said that is what gives her dog that had a couple of spots of what looked like small white scabs, She said she hasn’t had a ,problem since she gave her dog sardines and her coat is really shiny now too.
    Now I have to research Sardines…….Thanks for keeping me on my toes.
    Granny T

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    1. Hi Miss Toni. Mom says soy is bad, ’cause it is GMO. And sardines are ok in small quantities because they are little and don’t eat all the other fish that have mercury in them, like big fishies do. (She has read more about it than me.) ~Lucy


  3. Lucy, you wrote very important things and you wrote well. These farmed fishes are not for eating, and what is life in a fish farm. It is not a good life for fishes who should swim in big ocean in fresh water, it is only suffering. I believe every animal is worth good living. It’s so wrong just to be born to suffer and then to be killed.
    Hugs to Lucy!

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  4. **apawsss apawsss**
    You have dun marveeluss Lucy on yore ferst ree-port!! LadyMew shared with mee shee once treid Tilapee-a an shee spitted it out an wuud NOT touch another bite. Shee iss no longer frendss with THE purrson who served her that butt shee said fish tasted like sumthin on bottom of a shoe…..eeeeewwww…..
    An shee red yore list an said to let you know shee needss wild caught HADDOCK onlee! Ane mee Salmon pate iss wild too!!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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  5. we saw in tv in what swamps some fishies are raised… impossible to buy this fish without thinking about the things we saw. I really wonder that we have 87 rules and regulations for anything but no one cares about such things…

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  6. Hari OM
    Yay, well done, Lucy, you are a super repawter!!! Of course, I advocate sticking to vegetables and leave all flesh alone… but even that can be fraught with issues when it comes to sourcing decently grown produce!!! We live a world that has furgotten seasonal, fresh, organic… I look forward to more of your articles giving us ‘food for thought’!!! hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

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