A Christmas Recap (or What I Got for Christmas)

Xena: Me and Lucy had a great Christmas with Uncle Bill and Aunty Jen and Ella and Achilles. We all opened our pressies Christmas morning, and I got a santa that makes crinkly sounds that I don’t really like, and a great new bear.

Lucy: They are for me, too, Xena.

Xena: You don’t like to play with them, so they’re mine. But I will be kind and give you the crinkly santa thingie.

   I love my new bear friend.

Anyhoo, Mommy asked me today why I keep taking my new bear friend (who I haven’t thought of a name  for yet – any suggestions?) into the bathroom and leaving him/her there. All I could say is, “Why not?” Ya know, it’s not my fault if I take new bear with me through the house and she/he doesn’t follow me back, right? 

Lucy: Mom and Dad got home just before our aunt and uncle left. That was a good present. Then our peeps brother Andrew came over for a while, too.

Xena: And then, on the day after Christmas, Mommy brought out all these new pressies for us that she had been hiding.

Lucy: I got new jammies. I’ve never had jammies before, and I’m not sure if they look OK on me. At XXL, they are the largest that Chewy.com carries. Mom says I am just a beautiful big girl. They are soft and warm, so whenever it gets cold, I will be cozy, especially now that I’m not allowed to sleep in the bed with Mom and Dad any more. But that’s a story for another time.

Then Mom helped us open our other pressies. I kept my jammies close so Xena didn’t take them.

Xena: I we got two bags of treats. One of them is Stella & Chewy’s Wild Weenies Grass-fed Lamb. The other one is Dr. Jodie’s Natural Pets N-Trail Mix with lamb liver and spleen, grass fed beef kidney,  turkey heart and gizzards, and pork brain. Mmmm. They are both freeze-dried raw, so they fit nicely into our raw diet.

And I got a treat puzzle! I’m so excited about that ! I tried one at an agility classes, and I got really good at it.  You see, all you have to do is smell where the treat is, then move the circle thingie out of the way with your mouth or paw. I always go back and double and triple check that I got every single one. I think that’s called being detail-oriented.

Lucy: I wanted to try it, but Xena wouldn’t let me.

Xena: Too slow, Luce. You snooze,  you lose. (Especially when it comes to a schnauzer and treats!)

Lucy: Mom got a pressie from Dad that me and Xena just didn’t quite understand. They moved with her when she walked.

Mom laughed and said, “Leave them alone,” and “They’re not toys.” But we think otherwise.  By the way, do I look odd in this picture? I think it’s just the camera angle, right?

Xena: Wrong.

Lucy: Be quiet Xena.  So, can you see that they have stained beards, just like Xena? The bad news is that one-size-doesn’t-fit-all, contrary to what the ad said. So Mom got the company to agree to pay for return shipping with her refund. She called it “false advertising.”

That’s the end of our Christmas recap, friends. We hope you had a good holiday, too. Love and wiggles from Xena the Schnauzer Princess Warrior and Lucy

Xena: Pee S. I have decided that my new bear is a girl and I think I will name her after my aunty and call her Jen Jen (unless you have a better name.


38 thoughts on “A Christmas Recap (or What I Got for Christmas)

  1. Charlee: “Wow, look at all that loot!”
    Chaplin: “You guys sure did make out like bandits at Christmas!”
    Charlee: “Chaplin! They didn’t steal those presents! They were gifts!”
    Chaplin: “Relax, Charlee, it’s just an expression.”
    Charlee: “Oh, okay.”
    Chaplin: “But if you guys did steal anything, let me just say, nice going!”
    Charlee: “Chaplin, Chaplin, Chaplin …”

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  2. May you always be surrounded by hope and guided by the stars. Have a prosperous New Year!
    I like your new stuffie.
    Your Friend
    Sweet William The Scot

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  3. Mee thott ’bout a name fore yore Bear Xena butt jen-Jen iss purrfect so go with it!!! An Lucy “HOT DOG”!!! Yore lookin furabuluss inn yore Pee Jay’ss!!
    An what kewl pressiess an snackss. an Miss Amy yore feet had poochiess on them, mew mew mew….
    Happy Mew Yeer deer frendss!
    ~~head rubsss~~ BellaDharma~~

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  4. Hi Miss Toni, thanks, Mom said that means I look great.~Lucy
    Hi Granny! Those treats at your house sound like the cat’s meow, he, he, he. And if Lucy will eat soap, she will probably eat coal too. ❤ ~Xena


  5. Yes, that’s it Miss Marsha! I am potty training her. Oh, and Mommy had to explain that calling her John is a joke, ’cause bathrooms are called that. *sigh* Why does no one take me seriously? Xena


  6. Oh My Goodness look at those amazing presents! Lucky ladies! I have to say Lucy, that banana outfit is absolutely amazing! I need a pair! -Bently xox

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  7. You obviously are bringing your bear in the bathroom so it doesn’t pee on the floor. Maybe call him John. Lucy, you do not look happy at all. I love the slippers, so they didn’t fit

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  8. OH MY Goodness Lucy you, look like the cat’s meow (Have the mom explain it to you). You both did great in the prez department. Love your new Bear Xena. I knew it was a girl……She looks like she is whispering in your ear.
    The kids down here got home made jerkyfrom Aunty Ann (she’s been doing raw for about 13 years) There was Sweet Potato, Chicken Gizzard,and beef liver. They also got knee caps. No Stuffies…… They made snow in the living room 3 times this month so Santa put them on the naughty list. He would have left them a lump of coal but they would probably have eaten that too!
    A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.
    Granny T

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  9. Hari om
    It is the Scottish ‘auld year’s night’. All lights on, fires burning and food cleared from cupboards so that they can be refilled fresh in the fresh year. Charcoal from the fires are then taken out after midnight to a neighbour to ‘firstfoot’ their doorway to bring health and prosperity for the oncoming months. Yxx

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  10. Do you really think so, Shoko? I wasn’t sure. Lucy
    Shoks, I can’t name her Pierre. That’s a boy name. Sheesh. Xena Oh, and Happy Hogwarts or whatever it was that YAM Aunty said in her comment, BOL


  11. I love the prezzies you both got. Lucy you wouldn’t catch me in no pj’s. Mom wouldn’t be able to get them on me. You look so awesome in them Luce. They do suit you. Xena what a cool companion. I like the name Pierre as he is so understanding and good looking. Pierre the bear will be your best friend and cuddly too.

    Hugs and Happy New Year,


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  12. Jen Jen sounds good and oh no on the slippers, you could have kept them in your toy box and named the also. Big Boy says he has gone quite bananas over you Jammies and He thinks he might wear the same size.. but he also say he sleep sin the nude, uh huh… also He says he can tell by the look on your face you are not all that crazy about them.

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