Return of Our Friends

Xena here. Something bad happened. Our Uncle Bill’s Mommy fell down really hard. Her hip broke, and so did her leg, and her shoulder shattered. She is very old, and we feel very bad for her. So first, before we go any further, we want to ask for POTP for Miss Pat.

Our Aunty Jen and Uncle Bill drove the three hours from their home near Nashville to be with Miss Pat right after she fell. That’s why Achilles and Ella got to stay with us. Aunty Jen left them at our house while my folks were gone teaching a ballroom dance class. She locked Achilles in the new, gigormous kennel, and Ella took over Xena’s kennel. (That was to ensure that Ella and Lucy didn’t go on another destruction spree.                                                 Achilles

When Mommy and Daddy got home an hour later, Achilles met them at the door. He really is Achilles-dini.

Ella was still in Xena’s kennel, and pitifully asked Mommy why she had to be in jail. Shortly after Mommy let her out she projectile vomited the little bit of kibble left in her tummy.

Mommy went up to the attic to pull out more dog beds. You can see that Angel Lexi’s bed got covered with red fuzz from my red blankie that was in the wash with it. The plan was for Achilles to sleep there because it is the bigger bed. Since he wouldn’t settle down, Ella claimed it. Silly girl, she didn’t even use most of the bed. I guess her head felt good on the floor.

The next day my folks had to go to work, so they jailed both of our guests. When Mommy got home (you know this is going to be bad, starting off like that, right?) Achilles-dini was loose again, but the door to the kennel was still locked. That is still a mystery. Now, here’s the bad part.  The smell about knocked Mommy over. The big boy had left a steaming present in Daddy’s office, and I had to be in the house and smell steaming Achilles-dini poop all afternoon! *gag* Wait! There’s more! We couldn’t walk through the house without stepping in Achilles-dini pee. He left puddles and trails. I couldn’t believe Mommy wasn’t mad. She said it is because he drinks huge bowls of water all at once because he is so hot from his allergies. He takes medicine, but it doesn’t help enough.

Achilles-dini also decided the pretty hanging bulbs on the Christmas tree (yes, we still have our tree up in the front room because it make Mommy feel good) anyhow, he decided they are good to eat. No one has died – or even gotten yelled at (much) – yet.

Oh, and one more thing. I had a talk with Achilles. I told him in no-uncertain-terms that Lucy already has a boyfriend and he isn’t to be kissing on her. He understood and said OK, he could respect that. 

BB, you know I have been called a “snitch,” but I can snitch on good things too, right? So here goes: Lucy behaved herself around Achilles-dini. Mommy is a notary public, and I will have her notarize my statement if you want, to prove it is true.

Our friends are going home today, and, until then, our folks are taking turns leaving the house for work and errands.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess, the good snitch

39 thoughts on “Return of Our Friends

  1. Charlee: “We’re sorry to hear about Miss Pat and send lots of purrs for her to heal and feel better.”
    Chaplin: “That sure sounds like a lot of activity and strangeness around the house. But how does Achilles-dini get out of all those kennels? Does he teleport?”
    Charlee: “If he does teleport, you might want to get him checked out and see if he’s secretly a cat!”

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  2. Aww, your fur-iends probably missed their peeps and that’s why all the shenanigans occurred. What an escape artist. I hope he doesn’t try to teach other pups how to do room escapes. Sending oodles of poodles of POTP to Miss Pat. We hope she fully recovers. Stay well sweet Princess and give tail wags to your sister from us.

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  3. Prayers for Miss Pat to get well soon. That fall must’ve been wicked scary for her and her whole family. Your parents are sweet to pitch in and dog sit, which apparently turned out tougher than expected. I think you’ve all been very brave!

    Love and licks,

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  4. POTP to Miss Pat, falls at any age are bad but especially when older and there are several breaks. Purrs and hugs to all

    Oh my word you have rendered this Southern gal speechless (that rarely happens).
    If I’m to be honest I must admit to giggling just a bit. Especially at the talk you had with Achilles-dini RE: Lucy
    Hugs Cecilia

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  5. Poor Miss Pat…that iss SUM trauma shee had gone thru’. Mee iss endin all THE POTP mee has to her to mend an feel bettur! An mee sendss ***purrsss** to yore Unkell Bill an Aunty Jen too.
    Achilless sure was ups-set wasn’t hee?? Yore Mumma was so guud to not holler over THE mess! an it soundss like SUM mess! An how clevurr of Achilles-dini to get out of his crate….it sounds like a wild weekend all in all…
    Mee an LadyMew hope this week iss MUCH quietur fore efurryone.
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma an {{hugsss}} LadyMew

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  6. Oh my! Keeping Miss Pat and the rest of the family wrapped up in prayers. Poor pups (and the rest of you) tummy upsets and misbehaving happen when things are stressful. Kudos to your mom and dad for knowing that and coming up with a plan to help all the situations that happened at your house. Love and hugs.

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  7. My head hurts just thinking about everything that went wrong with home and family yesterday. Prayers going out for Miss Pat’s speedy recovery. That sounds like a very bad fall. Emotional upset goes right down your hands to the dogs. I’m so sorry Your Mom and Dad had to clean up the reaction of a couple of upset dogs. Did Mom check the top and the bottom of the cage Houdini escaped from? It may be that one may have looked fastened but wasn’t and he just crawled up the cage and jumped out. Looks like it’s going to be a busy winter for your family. Bones take weeks to heal and they can’t do all the surgeries at one time.
    Xena, you were a very good sister telling that boy to keep his feelings to himself. Lucy was already spoken for.
    Be Sweet
    Granny T

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    1. Hi Granny! You are so smart! Mommy found one of the latches connecting the top of the kennel with the front had been undone. We still don’t know how he got out of there, though. He is a very big boy.
      Miss Pat is so old that the doctors won’t put her to sleep to do surgeries. They set her hip under a “local” and are having to let everything else heal on its own. Aunty Jen is going home today so she can work tomorrow, but Uncle Bill will stay a little longer.

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  8. Hari OM
    First up, POTP for Miss Pat!!! having recently broken only one part, I can only begin to imagine you she must be feeling.

    Secondly – well done Xena for keeping things under control with Achilles – even if he did have a bit of a ‘reaction’ to being away from home. Clearly your folks were in sympawthee with him, so pawhaps you can have a little too? Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

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    1. I think I would be in huge trouble if I walked through the house peeing the whole way, and then back again! Achilles didn’t even get scolded!! It’s really not fair, but I can try, YAM-Aunty, if you think that is best. Xena

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  9. I am not laughing, I am not laughing. ok, well maybe a few outloud smiles. the smiles came from the smelly part. yuk… good idea for them to take turns. I am sure all of this was caused by extreme upset over being DUMPED by pawrents. even though there was a good reason. prayers for the Mom that fell and for the family that has to work around the fall. Big Boy says he will take your word for it because he trusts you to tell the truth. besides he said who could not kiss Achilles?

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