A Belated Birthday Story

Hi, this is Lucy, My 3rd birthday and 2nd gotcha day was January 14, the day before Dad’s birthday. I was excited, thinking maybe I would get a great big cake and maybe ice cream and lots and lots of treats. I saw a big, heavy package delivered a few days before, and just knew it had to be something for me. I was right! You are never going to believe what I gotThe meanies folks said this was a present to help me learn how to behave, to not chew up anything, and that would be a gift to everyone. Do I look happy with my present?

It is really big, and I can even walk around in it. Here is a picture of me and Ella in it together, to give you a sense of just how big it is. We could have even fit one more of us in there. This is the one that Achilles-dini escaped from when he and Ella were here for a few days. I wish he would show me how he did it, he, he.

Oh well, maybe my 4th birthday will be better.

Wags and kisses, Lucy

44 thoughts on “A Belated Birthday Story

  1. Charlee: “Happy belated birthday and Gotcha Day, Lucy!”
    Chaplin: “So your present was a portable jail?”
    Charlee: “It’s called a crate, Chaplin. Dennis told me he used to have one years ago when he was new here.”
    Chaplin: “Right. A portable jail.”
    Charlee: “It’s not a jail if you’re in it at home. I’m sure before long you will be used to it Lucy and you won’t give it those looks while you’re in it. You might even decide you like to go inside to lie down and sleep on your own.”
    Chaplin: “You have some funny ideas about portable jails, Charlee.”

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  2. I always go in my crate when Mom & Dad aren’t home Lucy. I run to go in and I get a treat

    Tell your mom the FitBone is for balance work to help strengthen my core muscles. One side is smoother and I have no problem with it. Teacher says the spiky side is good for my toes but I do not agree

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  3. Meow meow Lucy that sorta gift can bee a bit tuff to take…so think of it as yore oasis of rest….Fur reel!! Have Miss Amy put inn a softie blankie or pillow an yore fave stuffie an sum treetss….then you can go inn-to yore oasis anytime you want…
    TRust mee! Mee has a condo like yoress an itt iss lovelee to bee out inn it (inn guud weather, mew mew mew….)
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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  4. Your Post suggests that the crate is being used as a training tool … which would suggest a punishment area. In our interactions with numerous trainers and a dog psychologist, they 100% recommended against such a concept. They in fact suggested quite the opposite, in that Ray should see his crate as a “safe place”, where nobody invades his space. The problem with it being a punishment place is that one day you might want to use it as a stay over “den” at some other location (relative, vet etc). A dog will not be too cooperative if it associates it with punishment. Just some thoughts.

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    1. While I agree with what you wrote, what were we to do when we both had to go to work and leave miss destructo in the house alone (with Xena)? I didn’t put her in there as punishment, only as a temporary solution for when we left. I realize the post didn’t make that clear. She has been loose since that and hasn’t torn up anything else, so we are considering selling the crate, or putting it away for when Achilles visits. Of course, as soon as we do…. 🙂

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  5. Lucy, it really is a very nice gift. When my kids were young I always told them not to put themselves in a position where you had to make a decision. Your new crate will keep you safe and away from temptation. You just need to do a little designer work to make it your special room. (It really is too big to call a crate) A nice rug or a squishy bed,, a couple of your favorite toys, maybe a cover over the top like you’re in a tent. Try out a few things and I’m sure you’ll like your special alone time space.very soon. Good luck

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  6. My dear sweet Lucy, my heart broke when I saw you in JAIL.. I have a jail, it has been here a long time, bought for Max the chewer… and Jake was Houdini. I sleep in it with the door open when momma is on the computer. If you be really good, maybe one day will be free again.. so far in my first 4 months I have only chewed once, seeing what happened to you will make me be better I think. love Big Boy

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  7. Happy Birthday and Gotcha Day, L. That crate looks pretty strong. And NO, you do NOT look happy with it. But sometimes getting into chewing trouble gets dangerous (like the day I ate Mom’s medicine…), so if the crate keeps you safe, it’s a win.

    Love and licks,

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