I went to my very first ever Freestyle Dance class and I am so psyched! Hey Lucy, come look at the videos of me dancing with Mommy!

That’s my very first time around the floor. Can you tell how excited I was? I wanted to be sure everyone knows that I am really into this.

Lucy: But you…

Xena: I did so good that I got to do a special move called a Serpentine. I don’t think Mommy followed me very well; I had to keep coming back to get her.

Did you hear the teacher talk about the special move that Mommy did to help me switch sides,  and hoped she could remember it? No? The recorder must have gone off before that. Well, I’ll ask Mommy to keep watching the recording so that she does it again. The teacher said the move would catch on and even get named after me!

Lucy: But you….

Xena: So now I go to Agility every Monday and to Freestyle every Sunday. Woohoo! Woof! Woof!

Lucy: *sigh* Good job, Xena.

I am Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess and almost Freestyle Champion (woohoo!)

32 thoughts on “Freestyle–Woohoo!

  1. Charlee: “Good job, Xena! It’s obvious how much you enjoyed yourself there!”
    Chaplin: “Wait, so, is this what Mama and Dada do when they go dancing?”
    Charlee: “Umm I think the way they do it is a little different.”
    Chaplin: “Less barking?”
    Charlee: “Exactly.”

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  2. Oh Xena! that looks like fun!. I haven’t done freestyle, most of what we learn is for Rally or Obedience. And agility. When we first started agility my mom felt overwhelmed with all there was to learn. But it gets easier so tell your mom to hang in there. We look forward to seeing more videos!
    Hazel too

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    1. Mommy and Angel Lexi loved Freestyle and now Mommy and I love Freestyle, too. I will tell her what you said about Agility. Angel Lexi loved it too, but Mommy just couldn’t get the hang of what to do. She needs to try harder! XOX Xena


  3. BRAVO!! BRAVO!!!! OMD Xena you are almost as bouncy as I am!! I thinks it’s a terrierist thing, at least that’s what Ma says. I loves that you can sing and bounce at the same time! BOL
    Can’t waits to see what you have up your furs for tomorrows class!
    Ruby ♥

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  4. Xena you definity look like the energizer bunny out there on the dance floor. You and Mom are going to make a great team, Are you showing Lucy how to do the steps at home? You can make up some fancy foot work together and entertain the folks in the evening when you’re not at school.. Good luck in your classes.
    Granny T

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    1. Hi Granny! Me and Lucy do really cool moves at home. Mommy has been wondering if we would do them at the Freestyle place, but figures Lucy would just want everyone to pet her, he, he. XOXOX Xena


  5. Xena, you and your mom were having so much fun! You definitely are a trend setter. We can’t wait to see more videos of your classes. Lucy, you are a wonderful big sister and make us smile in your attempts to corral your bouncy little sister. I feel your pain I think Xena and Bessie would get along very well! Keep up the good work! ~nose nudges Belle Pup

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